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Feast-Ember is a Seasonal element in My Singing Monsters that is manifested in the Gobbleygourd, Rare Gobbleygourd and Epic Gobbleygourd on Fire Haven and Fire Oasis. The Gobbleygourd is only available during the Feast-Ember season or sometimes out-of-season during special events such as Anniversary Month Celebration which allows breeding. The Feast-Ember season is normally celebrated in the month of November around the American version of Thanksgiving, however the times vary from year to year. Check out the Special Occasions page for dates and times of the past Feast-Ember.

Affiliated Monsters

The list of monsters that are affiliated with the Feast-Ember element are listed below.

Elemental Number Monster Rare Epic Fire Haven.png Fire Haven Fire Oasis.png Fire Oasis Seasonal Shanty.png Seasonal Shanty
11/20/2019 (common)
5/26/2021 (rare)
11/24/2021 (epic)
Seasonal Monsters File:Gobbleygourd.png
Feast-Ember Element.png
Gobbleygourd Portrait.png
File:Rare Gobbleygourd.png
Rare Gobbleygourd
Feast-Ember Element.png
Rare Gobbleygourd Portrait.png
File:Epic Gobbleygourd.png
Epic Gobbleygourd
Feast-Ember Element.png
Epic Gobbleygourd Portrait.png
Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png

Feast-Ember Decorations

Seasonal Decoration Level Size Cost Sells for XP
Monster Scareglowls.png
Monster Scareglowls
9 2 x 2 1,250,000 Coins
Ethereal Island:
2,500 Shards
937,500 Coins
Ethereal Island:
1,875 Shards
500 XP icon.png
Oversized Pies.png
Oversized Pies
9 2 x 2 2,500,000 Coins
Ethereal Island:
5,000 Shards
1,875,000 Coins
Ethereal Island:
3,750 Shards
15,000 XP icon.png
Carnivorous Cornucopia.png
Carnivorous Cornucopia
9 2 x 2 25 Diamonds 2,750 Coins
Ethereal Island:
8 Shards
15,000 XP icon.png
Gobbley Inflatable.png
Gobbley Inflatable
9 2 x 2 50 Diamonds 5,500 Coins
Ethereal Island:
11 Shards
15,000 XP icon.png

Feast-Ember 2019

Feast-Ember was from November 20th to December 2nd

This was the first celebration of Feast-Ember and the first seasonal event that didn't happen on the Natural Islands or on Gold Island.

Feast-Ember 2020

Feast-Ember was from November 18th to November 30th

Feast-Ember 2021

Feast-Ember was from November 10th to November 29th

Which added new costumes for fire elementals, new decorations & Epic Gobbleygourd.

Feast-Ember 2021 also added Rare Gobbleygourd, & Epic Gobbleygourd to Seasonal Shanty.

Feast-Ember Series

In Feast-Ember 2021, new Feast-Ember themed Costumes were added to the game.

Monster Costume Cost Year Added
Kayna Kayna.png Kayna (Gobbley Get-Up).pngGobbley Get-Up 20 Diamonds 2021
Glowl Glowl.png Glowl (Gobbley Tribute).pngGobbley Tribute 20 Diamonds 2021
Flowah Flowah.png Flowah (Gobbley Mascot).pngGobbley Mascot 20 Diamonds 2021
Repatillo Repatillo.png Repatillo (Gobbley Homage).pngGobbley Homage 25 Diamonds 2021



  • Feast-Ember is the first Seasonal Event to not take place on the Natural Islands or Gold Island.
  • It was the first Seasonal Event to be added since Anniversary Month in 2013.