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If there's a place where wishes come true, Faerie Island is that place. In the twinkling twilight and swirling mists stands the Faesodd Titan, outlandish and unlovely, dissembled by a mask of exquisite flowers and gleaming stigmata. Here, shrouded by the unusually billowy clouds, Faesodd and the native Faerie Elementals have dwelled, unperturbed by the outside world... until a group of Monsters is invited to join in the Island's jubilant song!
In-game description


Faerie Island is available to purchase for 1,500,000 coins Coins after unlocking Fire Haven. It is the second Magical Island, featuring Magical Monsters and manifesting the Faerie Element. It was added to the game on December 11th, 2019 during Version 2.3.5. It is home to 31 Monsters and 22 Costumes.


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Faerie Island’s song plays at a speed of 110 beats per minute and is in the key of C major. The song is also available to download via the My Singing Monsters Soundtrack volume 2.

Faerie Island has an ambience similar to Plant Island’s, consisting of chirping birds and wind.

Song Table

This is a chart that shows where each monster plays in the song, each part is 16 beats long.

Faerie Island Song Faerie Island.png
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Paradise Castle
Ziggurab Ziggurab
Pladdie Stogg Pladdie Stogg Pladdie
Mammott Wimmzies Mammott Wimmzies Mammott
Bridg-it Squot Bridg-it Squot Bridg-it
Floot Fly HippityHop Floot Fly
Clavi Gnat Cantorell Clavi Gnat
Boskus Boskus
Noggin Noggin

Indigenous Monsters

The Monsters of Faerie Island are of the Earth, Cold, Fire, and Faerie elements. Since Faerie Island lacks the Air, Plant, Water, Light, Psychic and Bone elements, no monster with these elements can exist on it. Just as with Fire Haven and Fire Oasis, there is also a difference with monsters that have the Fire element, as they take longer to breed and more difficult to obtain because of their long absence from the monster world; this also applies to the newly introduced Magical Monsters.

The list of indigenous monsters is below with each monster's class indicated in parenthesis.

Monster Level
Default Enhanced
Noggin.png Noggin 1 5 seconds 3 seconds Earth Element.png (Natural)
Mammott (updated design).png Mammott 2 2 minutes 1 minute,
30 seconds
Cold Element.png (Natural)
Kayna.png Kayna 9 7 hours 5 hours,
15 minutes
Fire Element.png (Fire)
Floot Fly.png Floot Fly 9 4 hours 3 hours Faerie Element.png (Magical)
Drumpler.png Drumpler 7 30 minutes 22 minutes,
30 seconds
Earth Element.pngCold Element.png (Natural)
Stogg.png Stogg 9 10 hours 7 hours,
30 minutes
Earth Element.pngFire Element.png (Fire)
Boskus.png Boskus 9 10 hours 7 hours,
30 minutes
Cold Element.pngFire Element.png (Fire)
HippityHop.png HippityHop 9 9 hours 6 hours,
45 minutes
Earth Element.pngFaerie Element.png (Magical)
Squot.png Squot 9 9 hours 6 hours,
45 minutes
Cold Element.pngFaerie Element.png (Magical)
Wimmzies.png Wimmzies 9 9 hours 6 hours,
45 minutes
Fire Element.pngFaerie Element.png (Magical)
Ziggurab.png Ziggurab 9 20 hours 15 hours Earth Element.pngCold Element.pngFire Element.png (Fire)
Cantorell.png Cantorell 9 16 hours 12 hours Earth Element.pngCold Element.pngFaerie Element.png (Magical)
Bridg-it.png Bridg-it 9 16 hours 12 hours Earth Element.pngFire Element.pngFaerie Element.png (Magical)
Clavi Gnat.png Clavi Gnat 9 16 hours 12 hours Cold Element.pngFire Element.pngFaerie Element.png (Magical)
Pladdie.png Pladdie 9 1 day,
8 hours
1 day Earth Element.pngCold Element.pngFire Element.pngFaerie Element.png (Magical)
Rare Noggin.png Rare Noggin 4 6 hours 4 hours,
30 minutes
Earth Element.png (Rare)
Rare Mammott.png Rare Mammott 4 6 hours 4 hours,
30 minutes
Cold Element.png (Rare)
Rare Kayna.png Rare Kayna 9 8 hours 6 hours Fire Element.png (Rare Fire)
Rare Floot Fly.png Rare Floot Fly 9 8 hours 6 hours Faerie Element.png (Rare Magical)
Rare Drumpler.png Rare Drumpler 7 1 hour,
7 minutes,
30 seconds
50 minutes,
37 seconds
Earth Element.png Cold Element.png (Rare)
Rare Stogg.png Rare Stogg 9 13 hours,
30 minutes
10 hours,
7 minutes,
30 seconds
Earth Element.png Fire Element.png (Rare Fire)
Rare Boskus.png Rare Boskus 9 13 hours,
30 minutes
10 hours,
7 minutes,
30 seconds
Cold Element.png Fire Element.png (Rare Fire)
Rare Wimmzies.png Rare Wimmzies 9 12 hours,
30 minutes
9 hours,
22 minutes,
30 seconds
Fire Element.png Faerie Element.png (Rare Magical)
Rare Ziggurab.png Rare Ziggurab 9 1 day,
2 hours,
30 minutes
19 hours,
52 minutes,
30 seconds
Earth Element.png Cold Element.png Fire Element.png (Rare Fire)
Rare Bridg-it.png Rare Bridg-it 9 1 day, 1 hour, 30 minutes 19 hours, 7 minutes, 30 seconds Earth Element.png Fire Element.png Faerie Element.png (Rare Magical)
Epic Noggin.png Epic Noggin 4 1 hour 45 minutes Earth Element.png (Epic)
Epic Mammott.png Epic Mammott 4 5 hours 3 hours,
45 minutes
Cold Element.png (Epic)
Epic Kayna.png Epic Kayna 9 15 hours 11 hours,
15 minutes
Fire Element.png (Epic Fire)
Epic Drumpler.png Epic Drumpler 7 15 hours 11 hours,
15 minutes
Earth Element.png Cold Element.png (Epic)
Epic Stogg.png Epic Stogg 9 1 day,
5 hours
21 hours,
45 minutes
Earth Element.png Fire Element.png (Epic Fire)
Epic Boskus.png Epic Boskus 9 19 hours 14 hours,
15 minutes
Cold Element.pngFire Element.png (Epic Fire)
Epic Ziggurab.png Epic Ziggurab 9 1 day,
11 hours
1 day,
2 hours,
15 minutes
Earth Element.png Cold Element.png Fire Element.png (Epic Fire)

Special Occasions

There are currently no Special Occasions in Faerie Island.

Castle Upgrades

Main article: Castle#Faerie Island

To be placed on an island, each monster requires a specific number of beds. For Natural Monsters, this is equal to the number of elements that the monster represents. Upgrade the Castle to unlock more beds.


While the song of the island is crucial, users may also want to use some of these numbers to help with planning which monsters to feed first and make 100% happy first, as well as plan frequency of coin collection. The numbers below are as follows:

Rate Rate of income per bed at level 15 and at 100% happy
Max Maximum income per bed at level 15
Time Time to maximum income at level 15 and at 100% happy

(shown as Hours : Minutes : Seconds)

It should be noted that Rate is half for 0% happy, and Time is doubled for 0% happy.

Monster Rate Max Time
Noggin.png Noggin 96 Coins 216 Coins 00:02:15
Mammott (updated design).png Mammott 72 Coins 360 Coins 00:05:00
Kayna.png Kayna 120 Coins 548 Coins 00:04:34
Floot Fly.png Floot Fly 88 Coins 746 Coins 00:08:28
Drumpler.png Drumpler 72 Coins 1,080 Coins 00:15:00
Stogg.png Stogg 79 Coins 2,401 Coins 00:30:23
Boskus.png Boskus 79 Coins 2,705 Coins 00:34:14
HippityHop.png HippityHop 79 Coins 2,628 Coins 00:33:15
Squot.png Squot 60 Coins 3,074 Coins 00:51:14
Wimmzies.png Wimmzies 94 Coins 3,225 Coins 00:34:18
Ziggurab.png Ziggurab 102 Coins 24,895 Coins 04:04:04
Cantorell.png Cantorell 92 Coins 27,159 Coins 04:53:04
Bridg-it.png Bridg-it 102 Coins 27,703 Coins 04:31:36
Clavi Gnat.png Clavi Gnat 112 Coins 25,970 Coins 03:51:52
Pladdie.png Pladdie 224 Coins 193,249 Coins 14:23:28
Rare Noggin.png Rare Noggin 120 Coins 2,880 Coins 00:24:00
Rare Mammott.png Rare Mammott 90 Coins 2,880 Coins 00:32:00
Rare Kayna.png Rare Kayna 120 Coins 3,605 Coins 00:30:03
Rare Drumpler.png Rare Drumpler 90 Coins 1,350 Coins 00:15:00
Rare Stogg.png Rare Stogg 216 Coins 6,008 Coins 00:27:49
Rare Boskus.png Rare Boskus 94 Coins 3,377 Coins 00:35:55
Rare Wimmzies.png Rare Wimmzies 246 Coins 8,056 Coins 00:32:45
Rare Ziggurab.png Rare Ziggurab 394 Coins 93,365 Coins 03:56:58
Rare Bridg-it.png Rare Bridg-it 306 Coins 83,110 Coins 04:31:36
Epic Noggin.png Epic Noggin 144 Coins 4,320 Coins 00:30:00
Epic Mammott.png Epic Mammott 108 Coins 7,200 Coins 01:06:40
Epic Kayna.png Epic Kayna 188 Coins 10,806 Coins 00:57:29
Epic Drumpler.png Epic Drumpler 108 Coins 4,320 Coins 00:40:00
Epic Stogg.png Epic Stogg 124 Coins 3,601 Coins 00:10:54
Epic Ziggurab.png Epic Ziggurab 474 Coins 112,030 Coins 03:56:21



  • The trailer for Faerie Island was voiced by Kayna's voice actress, Sarah Parsons, who also voices Parlsona, Glowl and Galvana.
  • Faerie Island and its respective update, Version 2.3.5, first appeared on December 11 2019, the same day that Festival of Yay 2019 began.
  • A scrapped monster known as Floot Fly that used to share its elemental combination with Quarrister has been reintroduced as the base monster of the Faerie element.
  • Faerie Island is the second Island to reintroduce one Fire Hybrid as a monster. The first was Rootitoot on Psychic Island.
  • Faerie Island's song is the same tempo and key as that of Cloud Island from Dawn of Fire. The same is true for the beginning of Psychic Island's song in relation to the end of Space Island's.
    • Additionally, track 2 of Faerie Island's bass has the same exact tune as Sneyser's second track on Cloud Island. Track 3 of Faerie's bass is also almost identical, except for the last bar where it plays A# and then G.
    • Going further, Live episode #59 confirmed that Faerie Island inhabits the area where Cloud Island once was.
  • Track 1 of Faerie Island's bass has the same tune as track 1 of Cold Island's bass, except pitched up 100 cents, or up 1 note from B Major to C Major.
  • Faesodd's name origin is the portmanteau of "fae", "facade", and possibly "face" and "odd".
  • Drumpler plays through the entire song.
  • The island was found by Kayna, who was resting on a Babayag Tower that moved.
  • The monsters in the island that lack the Faerie element are the first seven monsters you unlock in Dawn of Fire.
  • The rocks on Faerie Island resemble different mythical creatures. The small rock looks like a fairy, the medium rock looks like a gnome, and the big rock looks like some sort of troll with long hair covering its face.
  • According to the Monster-Handlers and two files relating to Cybop and PomPom on Faerie Island, the island wasn't originally a Magical Island and was instead a Fire Island, having Air instead of Faerie. This means Krillby would've been the quad.
  • Faerie Island is the first Magical Island where all fifteen core monsters were available at launch. Psychic Island began as Fire Frontier.
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