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Experience (also called experience points or XP, XP.png) is the means by which players gain levels, and in doing so gain access to new Islands, Monsters, Structures and Decorations in the Market, or to better prizes in the Spin Wheel. Experience is represented in the game by lime green text and/or the symbol XP.png. To see how much experience you have collected and how much experience you need in your current level, press the level progress bar.

Beginning with Version 1.3.3, "monikers" are nicknames assigned to each level between level 30 to level 75.

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Levels, Experience, Monikers, and unlocked content

The amount of experience required to reach each level, the level's moniker, and what is unlocked, is shown in the following table.

Looking at someone's Moniker from a Friend's perspective

Level Experience Moniker Unlocks Also Unlocks*
1 n/a - - Noggin, Plant Island, Castle, Nursery
2 200 - Mammott -
3 300 - Small Bakery -
4 450 - Toe Jammer, Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island, Earth Island, Shugabush Island, Ethereal Island, Tribal Island Clearing Small Tree, Clearing Small Rock
5 600 - Fire Bush, Meldablend, Leafstrewn Path, Worndown Path Clearing Medium Tree, Clearing Big Tree
6 750 - Reflecting Pool, Stritch Skin, Bubblerite Path, Mossy Bubblerite Path, Gold Island Clearing Medium Rock, Clearing Big Rock
7 1,000 - Fwog, Drumpler, Maw, T-Rox, Breeding Structure, Wild Bagpipe, Travelers' Sign, Bingo Bango Bongos, Composer Island -
8 5,000 - Medium Bakery, Mini-Mine, Maximum Mine, Saggle Tree, Beeyoot Tree, Inverdigus Sprig -
9 10,000 - Potbelly, Shrubb, Oaktopus, Furcorn, Pummel, Clamble, Bowgart, Entbrat, Flappy Flag, Directions to Nowhere, Checkered Bubblerite Path, Fire Haven, Fire Oasis, Light Island, Psychic Island, Faerie Island, Bone Island, Seasonal Shanty, Magical Sanctum, Amber Island All other monsters with Plant element, all Seasonal Monsters, all Ethereal Monsters, Fire Monsters, Magical Monsters, Shugafam
10 20,000 - Toob, Pipes of Cicado, Blue Flower Path, Thumpies Totem, Too, Mountain Morsel -
11 40,000 - Smunkin Patch, Trumplite, Inverdigus Path -
12 75,000 - Wishing Torch, Hollow Log, Bloofi Tree, Razzli Tree, Moshroom Path, Star Rocks Mine (old)
13 150,000 - Fuzer, Barbloo Statue, Fuzzle Tree, Piney Tree, Icy Path, Frozen Puddle Path, Wublin Island
14 300,000 - Time Machine, Eerie Remains, Harpsitree, Puffle Tree, Purple Hairtuft Path, Hairtuft Path, Freed Thing, Thumpies Totem
15 600,000 - Large Bakery, Recording Studio**, Storage Shed, Humble Hotel, Spurrit Statue, Babayag Tower, Digger, Cryosanthemum, Purpureus Bubblerite Path, Teal Bubblerite Path, Leafcrunch Path, Decibur Path, Celestial Island
16 1,200,000 - Unity Tree, Guitree, Squeed Statue, Dragoon Statue, Aurora Path, Blue Bubblerite Path, Mount Knottshurr
17 2,000,000 - Tree Hut, Fossil-osaurus, Tree Forte Tower, Globule Path, Floating Rock Path, Swurlee Tree
18 4,000,000 - Storage Barn, Classy Hotel, Castanevine, Yum Yum Tree, Bottomless Pit, Effervefence, Fracture Path, Waferock Path, Boss Monument
19 6,000,000 - Crumpler Tree, Bass String Bridge, Cozee Cabin, Yucka Path, Thistle Path
20 8,000,000 - Fuzzle Tree, Leafy Sea Dragon, Dragon Tower, Fuzzy Path, Dandifloret Path, Innertuba, Mirror Islands, Wubbox Stockpile, Wubbox, Rare Wubbox
21 10,000,000 - Storage Warehouse, Grand Hotel, Enhanced Grand Hotel, Hyper-Enhanced Grand Hotel, Green Coral Path, Jarhead
22 12,000,000 - Ambered Thing, Seastar Path
23 14,000,000 - Oceanic Outpost, Runic Path, Glyphic Path, Yellowdisc Path, Reddisc Path
24 16,000,000 - Floofy Nest, Purple Coral Path, Puddly Path, Inverdigus Fern
25 18,000,000 - Spotted Coral Path, Green Bubblerite Path
26 20,000,000 - Tub Fountain, Ninetile Path, Woodplank Path
27 22,000,000 - Barrockade, Particulate Path, Lignaline Path
28 24,000,000 - Onetile Path, Black Bubblerite Path
29 26,000,000 - Firechill Path, Joulygood Path
30 28,000,000 Apprentice Handler Sizzler Path, The Thunker
31 30,000,000 Bubblerite Mason
32 33,000,000 The Great Smunkin
33 36,000,000 Squeed Warden
34 40,000,000 Razzli Dazzler
35 44,000,000 Natural Nurturer
36 48,000,000 Harmonious Hummer
37 53,000,000 Tub Lubber
38 58,000,000 Stritch Tickler
39 64,000,000 Beeyootiful Bandmate
40 71,000,000 Seasonal Scholar
41 78,000,000 Tempo Warper
42 86,000,000 Floofy Sitter
43 94,000,000 Castle Steward
44 104,000,000 Island Impresario
45 114,000,000 Legendary Leader
46 125,000,000 Mosh Bouncer
47 138,000,000 Toobthumper
48 152,000,000 Rhythmic Rambler
49 167,000,000 Grand Gobah
50 183,000,000 Ethereal Expert
51 202,000,000 Melodious Mentor
52 222,000,000 Thing Flinger
53 244,000,000 Kindred Spurrit
54 269,000,000 Crumpling Tamer
55 295,000,000 Supernaturalist
56 325,000,000 High-Caliber Handler
57 358,000,000 Visionary Virtuoso
58 393,000,000 Crystal Conduit
59 433,000,000 Multiversal Master
60 476,000,000 Colossal Communer
61 523,000,000 Dipster Delver
62 576,000,000 Wublin Waker
63 633,000,000 Smooth Toxxer
64 697,000,000 Umbral Understudy
65 766,000,000 Terrain Traverser
66 843,000,000 Plasma Pundit
67 927,000,000 Aerial Overseer
68 1,020,000,000 Aqueous Ace
69 1,122,000,000 Fan of Flames
70 1,234,000,000 Chilly Conqueror
71 1,358,000,000 Ideal Planter
72 1,494,000,000 Friend of Many Facets
73 1,643,000,000 Crucial Cog
74 1,807,000,000 Spark of Creation
75 1,988,000,000 Celestial Chronicler

Leveling up during the Christmas season (taken in Christmas 2014)

  • * 'Also Unlocks' are Items or features unlocked that the game does not explicitly mention.
  • ** The Recording Studio is not available in the Steam version of the game.

Getting from level one to level 75 thus requires a total of 21,778,403,300 experience points. Once you reach level 75, you continue in the game at "Maximum (Max) Level" regardless of any further experience.

Due to its non-linear progression (and does not fit a basic smooth function), the half-way point in XP is reached between levels 66 and 67.

Earning Experience

Experience points may be earned by:

Harder-to-get things, more expensive items, and monsters with more elements give you more experience points. Often, it is easier to gain a large amount of Experience through the production of food, esp. cakes.

Perhaps oddly, purchasing new Islands does not give experience points.

Maximum Experience

Maximum Experience as achieved by SpectacularSceptile on Mobile, February 20th, 2021

Maximum Experience as achieved by Pwn on Steam, July 6th, 2021

After reaching level 75, the amount of Experience Points (XP) gained no longer increases. However, tapping the XP bar shows the number of additional XP you received past that required for level 75 (1,988,000,000). At the time of this writing, that means that the maximum XP that can be confirmed depends on first reaching 1,987,999,999 points, and then receiving the highest number of XP possible in one go - 37,500,000 from placing a Wubbox - giving a total maximum of 2,025,499,999 XP, which is displayed as "37,499,999/0" when tapping the XP bar.


  • If you have earned any experience points before the day of the Version 1.3.3 update, none of those experience points from before would've been accumulated.
  • The iconic Furcorn in the leveling up screen was removed on the 1.3.3 update.
  • The leveling up animation is different in the 1.3.6 update. It is more visually friendly, showing all monsters and decorations unlocked in the new level. Animated poofs appear in sequence to each unlocked object. Any monsters unlocked will make them sing/play their Memory Game part.
  • Old xp Icon: XP (Old).png
  • The maximum Experience was first achieved on February 20th, 2021 - more than 3 years after the Level cap was increased to 75.
  • Prior to version 2.1.8, the Scratch Ticket prizes scaled as you leveled up.