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Baby Bio:

Even the mightiest among Monsters start small. Such is the case for the seedling Entbrat, who quite literally sprouts into being, suspended by oversized horns. Awash in sunlight and life-giving nutrients soaked up through its horns, this jubilant creature is more than happy to swing and sing the day away.

Adult Bio:

The simple but affectionate adult Entbrat is sure to take your breath away… and that's usually because its enthusiastic hugs! This Monster’s friendliness knows no bounds, and it will always seek to lend a helping hand. That said, it doesn’t know its own strength, so care must be taken that its “helping hand” doesn’t end up breaking anything valuable.

Prismatic Bio:

This Entbrat returned from the Prism Gate forever changed! New traits, altered at the molecular level, include rearranged facial features like eyes and mouths, and cabbage-like growth atop a gnarled, rooty frame - extraordinary!


Entbrat is a four element monster in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. It is the fourth quad element monster in the game, introduced in the 1.7.0 update.

As a baby, the Entbrat had an orangish lip colour and ivory teeth instead of light yellow. It has long horns on its head, and its horns are also longer and these branches look like fingers that are touched to the ground. The horns are sepia and has more leaves on them. The Entbrat swings back and forth while it's singing. Its arms have a little bit more of leaves that are spreading out.

As an adult, it looks like the same design as the original game. The Entbrat's horns are maroonish color instead of burnt sienna. Its arms are covered with electric line green leaves and yellow green leaves instead of dark green. The Entbrat's fingernails and toenails are appearing too much brighter. And also the belly button is seen.

It can be teleported to Cloud Island once it reaches level 15.

Prismatic Descriptions

Entbrats transform to have a root-like body and cabbage like frame. Their mouth moves to the position where their stomach used to be.

  • Red Prismatic Entbrat-Has one giant yellow eye and a yellow border around its neck.
  • Orange Prismatic Entbrat-Has two purple eyes and a purple border around its neck.
  • Yellow Prismatic Entbrat-Has two black eyes and long nostrils with a blue border around its neck.
  • Green Prismatic Entbrat-Has one small orange eye and gains two small arms and an orange border around its neck.
  • Blue Prismatic Entbrat-Has three red eyes and a red border around its neck.
  • Purple Prismatic Entbrat-Has two wide-set green eyes, nostrils, another mouth with two sharp teeth, and a green border around its neck.


Voice actor: Unknown

The Entbrat sings with its distinct low-voiced rumbly quality. On Continent, it sings on its upper singing register "Laaaaaah Laaaaaaah! Laaah, lah laaaaaaah!".

On Cloud Island, it sings with the Tweedle, but instead of singing in its signature rumbly timbre, it sings in a different rumbly timbre, singing more like a lower-voiced version of the Tweedle plus a slight rumbly quality.


Entbrat can be bred using the elements Plant, Water, Cold and Earth. Available combinations are:

Feeding Monsters

The Entbrat will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


During limited time events when Prism Gate is open and Entbrat is available for transformation on Outer Islands, an adult Entbrat can be transformed into one of six different colored variants.

Color Base
Red Prismatic Entbrat.png Red 30% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 16:00
Orange Prismatic Entbrat.png Orange 20% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 18:00
Yellow Prismatic Entbrat.png Yellow 25% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 17:00
Green Prismatic Entbrat.png Green 15% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 20:00
Blue Prismatic Entbrat.png Blue 2% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 22:00
Purple Prismatic Entbrat.png Purple 8% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 21:00


Entbrat can be teleported to Cloud Island when it reaches Level 15 for a reward of 6 diamonds. Teleport time for Entbrat is 40 hours.


  • Entbrat was added in the 1.7.0 update, along with Candelavra.
  • Entbrat, Edamimi, Tiawa/DoF and Incisaur are the only three four-element monsters that can be unlocked before level 9, as every four-element monster before them included the Air element.
    • Entbrat was the first four-element monster to be unlockable before Level 9.
  • Entbrat is rather loud on the Continent, but on Cloud Island it is very quiet. This is similar to Tweedle and Drummidary who also go to Cloud Island.
  • Entbrat is the first Quad to have prismatic variants, and the second is Krillby.

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