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If Enchantler is the Titan-Who-Would-Be-Colossal, then Enchantling is the Monster-Who-Would-Be-Titan! Although there are other instances of Titans starting life in a miniaturized form, the exact nature of the relationship between these two entities remains a mystery. Some have suggested that the Enchantling taps into the same Monstromantic energies coursing through its namesake's antlers to transfigure itself into a shape more akin to that of Enchantler. The evidence that one has an effect on the other is incontrovertible, as the entire Sanctum seemed to light up when it first made its appearance and sang forth its exuberant song.
Monster Biography

Enchantling is a Quad-Element Magical Hybrid Monster.


Enchantling is a big, four-legged ape-like monster, with a dark brownish-purple coat of fur and pink lips. It has three large pink fingers and toes on each limb, cyan sclera, and blue iris. It is big mouthed and has only two teeth on the roof of its mouth. It also has antlers similar to the Enchantler's, and shares some resemblances to Mammott.


Audio Sample:

Enchantling sings "Tuya-hyo" in a loud voice, similar to Roarick and Yelmut's song, but at a lower pitch. Its eyes and the carvings on its antlers all glow while playing.

Voice Actor: TBD

"Tuya-hyo! Tuya-hyo! Tuya-hyo-ya-ya-hyuya-hyo!"


The Enchantling can be bred using monsters that combine to provide the following elements; Psychic, Bone, Light, and Faerie, without repeating any.

The following pairs of Double Element Monsters can be used to breed Enchantling:

However, the combination of a 3-element with a 1-element monster has a higher rate of success:

Of these, Larvaluss+Fluoress is the best combination, as they have the lowest average breeding times in case of breeding failure.

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

Earning rate is in Shards per hour and depends on Happiness % (Likes increase Happiness). Each monster also has a limit to how much income it can hold at a time. Increasing the monster's level increases the limit.

Level Per Hour Shards Maximum Shards
0% Happiness 25% Happiness 50% Happiness 75% Happiness 100% Happiness
1 5 10 45
2 7 14 71
3 10 20 110
4 13 26 146
5 17 34 182
6 21 42 218
7 24 48 254
8 28 56 293
9 31 62 329
10 34 68 365
11 37 74 401
12 40 80 437
13 44 88 476
14 47 94 512
15 50 100 548
16 53 106 575
17 55 110 598
18 57 114 615
19 58 116 628
20 59 118 635

Feeding Monsters

Each monster needs to be fed four times before it reaches the next level. Increasing the monster's level increases the coins earned per minute, as well as the maximum coins earned.

The food per level table:
Level Food Per Feeding x4 Food to Level Up Total food to reach this Level
1 20 80 -
2 40 160 80
3 80 320 240
4 160 640 560
5 320 1,280 1,200
6 640 2,560 2,480
7 1,280 5,120 5,040
8 2,560 10,240 10,160
9 5,120 20,480 20,400
10 10,240 40,960 40,880
11 20,480 81,920 81,840
12 40,960 163,840 163,760
13 81,920 327,680 327,600
14 163,840 655,360 655,280
15 245,760 983,040 1,310,640
16 368,640 1,474,560 2,293,680
17 552,960 2,211,840 3,768,240
18 829,440 3,317,760 5,980,080
19 1,244,160 4,976,640 9,297,840
20 - - 14,274,480

More info can be found in the Feeding article.


Every monster has different things that they like. For every unique object that they like that's placed near the monster, the monster's happiness will increase by 25%. Placing more than one of the same liked item near a monster will still only increase its happiness by 25%. If there's a Unity Tree on the island, items don't need to be near the monsters. Below are the things liked by Enchantling:

See the Likes page to view a complete list of all monsters' likes.


To see how efficient Enchantling is at generating resources compared to other monsters check:

Name Origin

Enchantling comes from the name of Magical Sanctum's Titan, Enchantler. It may also be a portmanteau between that and "bantling", an archaic word meaning "young child", which is supported by the Monster's name being translated into other languages using words with similar meanings. The name also contains the word "chant", which could be referencing the way that it sings.


  • Enchantling is the last pure Magical Monster to be released, starting with Theremind.
  • Enchantling is the first Quad-Element Monster to not have any Natural elements.
  • Enchantling somewhat resembles Mammott.
    • Enchantling's design also resembles The Gruffalo.
    • Enchantling's song and large mouth are reminiscent of Yelmut.
  • The mention of "Titans starting life in a miniaturized form" in its biography probably refers to the Glubpole of Party Island going on to become Glubber Lagoon, as well as Gigacheep Nest's critters being baby Gigacheeps.
  • Enchantling is the only Magical Quad whose second letter isn't an L, but an N.
  • Enchantling is the first vocal Magical Quad, and the first vocal Quad-Element since Quarrister in MSM, with the gap being around 9 years.
    • Counting DOF, it is the first vocal quad since Bisonorus, with the gap being around two years.
  • Enchantling's nicknames are those of the runner-ups of the "A Titan by Any Other Name" Contest, which was held to choose a name for the titan of magical sanctum. From the monster names page:
    • "A naming contest for the Magical Sanctum Titan was held, with the 10 runners-up being used for that Island's Quad Element Monster. The names were announced on social media on April 30th, 2021; Ræn'dor (Xanderrock98), Windigowl (91111989LM), Gorl'omyth (Hydrobux), Zhojurrn (Box), Tuskalhorn (bramblestar334), Sacrowl (Monster), Staggwarrt (Fleautiful), Grömwoob (ArPro5Mio), Howlgroda (Alex), Magistrahd (Thebomb64)"
  • Enchantling is the first (solo) monster to permanently change an islands appearance or animation with its arrival.
    • The Psychics are an honorable mention, as they were the first to ever permanently change an islands appearance.
  • Enchantling currently has the longest breeding time of any Common Monster species at 2 days and 2 hours, or 50 hours total.
  • A Rare or Epic Enchantling would have the highest breeding time.
  • Enchantling's design resembles a concept art of Bowgart.
  • Enchantling shares a couple of similarities with Flum Ox.
    • Both resemble deer.
    • They are both vocalists.
    • They are both quad-element monsters.
    • They both have horns or antlers of some type.
  • Enchantling has the highest maximum income AND the fastest earning rate for Shard-producing monsters, even more than the Wubbox.
  • Enchantling is one of only two centaur monsters in the My Singing Monsters franchise, with the other being Rare Ghazt.

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