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Each monster's egg, called spores in the files, is uniquely identifiable, even before the egg hatches. Since each monster in the game is also made from a unique combination of elements, these eggs also represent the 'genetic material' of the two parents shown at the top of the breeding structure. The Kayna used to not have an egg; its egg was added in Update 2.2.4.

All Rare monsters and Epic monsters have the same eggs as their non-Rare/non-Epic counterparts, except that a a shimmer, or gleam, effect will appear across the egg from left to right in Breeding Structures and Nurseries.

Natural Element Eggs

Single Element Eggs

Noggin egg EarthElementNew Mammott-egg ColdElementNew Toe jammer WaterElementNew Potbelly-egg PlantElementNew Tweedle-egg AirElementNew Kayna-egg FireElementNew
Noggin Mammott Toe Jammer Potbelly Tweedle Kayna

Double Element Eggs

Fwog-egg EarthElementNewWaterElementNew Drumpler-egg EarthElementNewColdElementNew Maw-egg WaterElementNewColdElementNew Shrubb-egg PlantElementNewEarthElementNew Oaktopus-egg PlantElementNewWaterElementNew
Fwog Drumpler Maw Shrubb Oaktopus
Furcorn-egg PlantElementNewColdElementNew Dandidoo-egg AirElementNewPlantElementNew Quibble-egg AirElementNewWaterElementNew Pango-egg AirElementNewColdElementNew Cybop-egg AirElementNewEarthElementNew
Furcorn Dandidoo Quibble Pango Cybop
Stogg egg MSM EarthElementNewFireElementNew Flowah egg MSM PlantElementNewFireElementNew Glowl egg MSM AirElementNewFireElementNew
Stogg Flowah Glowl

Triple Element Eggs

T-Rox-egg EarthElementNewWaterElementNewColdElementNew Pummel-egg PlantElementNewEarthElementNewWaterElementNew Clamble-egg PlantElementNewEarthElementNewColdElementNew Bowgart-egg PlantElementNewWaterElementNewColdElementNew Spunge-egg AirElementNewPlantElementNewWaterElementNew
T-Rox Pummel Clamble Bowgart Spunge
Thumpies-egg AirElementNewPlantElementNewColdElementNew Congle-egg AirElementNewWaterElementNewColdElementNew Pompom-egg AirElementNewEarthElementNewColdElementNew Scups-egg AirElementNewEarthElementNewWaterElementNew Reedling-egg AirElementNewPlantElementNewEarthElementNew
Thumpies Congle PomPom Scups Reedling
Repatillo egg MSM PlantElementNewEarthElementNewFireElementNew Barrb egg MSM AirElementNewPlantElementNewFireElementNew Floogull egg MSM AirElementNewEarthElementNewFireElementNew
Repatillo Barrb Floogull

Quad Element Eggs

Entbrat-egg PlantElementNewEarthElementNewWaterElementNewColdElementNew Deedge-egg AirElementNewPlantElementNewWaterElementNewColdElementNew Riff-egg AirElementNewEarthElementNewWaterElementNewColdElementNew Shellbeat-egg AirElementNewPlantElementNewEarthElementNewWaterElementNew Quarrister Egg AirElementNewPlantElementNewEarthElementNewColdElementNew
Entbrat Deedge Riff Shellbeat Quarrister
Tring-egg AirElementNewPlantElementNewEarthElementNewFireElementNew

Ethereal Eggs

Single Element Eggs

Ghazt-egg PlasmaElementNew Grumpyre Egg ShadowElementNew Reebro Egg MechElementNew-0 Jeeode Egg CrystalElementNew Humbug Egg PoisonElementNew
Ghazt Grumpyre Reebro Jeeode Humbug

Double Element Eggs

Whisp egg PlasmaElementNewShadowElementNew Nebulob egg PlasmaElementNewMechElementNew-0 Arackulele egg ShadowElementNewMechElementNew-0 Sox Egg PlasmaElementNewCrystalElementNew Boodoo Egg ShadowElementNewCrystalElementNew
Whisp Nebulob Arackulele Sox Boodoo
Bellowfish Egg MechElementNew-0CrystalElementNew Jellbilly-egg PlasmaElementNewPoisonElementNew Kazilleon Egg ShadowElementNewPoisonElementNew Dragong Egg MechElementNew-0PoisonElementNew Fung Pray Egg CrystalElementNewPoisonElementNew
Bellowfish Jellbilly Kazilleon Dragong Fung Pray

Supernatural Eggs

Wubbox EggSupernaturalElementNew Spacer Spacer Spacer Spacer

Legendary Eggs

Shugabush Egg Legendary Element Shugarock Egg Legendary Element Shugabass Egg Legendary Element Shugajo Egg Legendary Element
Shugabush Shugarock Shugabass Shugajo
Shugabeats Egg Legendary Element Shugabuzz Egg Legendary Element Shugavox Egg Legendary Element Shugitar Egg Legendary Element
Shugabeats Shugabuzz Shugavox Shugitar

Werdo Eggs

Tawkerr-Egg Legendary Element Parlsona-Egg Legendary Element Maggpi egg Legendary Element
Tawkerr Parlsona Maggpi

Seasonal Eggs

Punkleton EggHalloween Element Yool-egg Christmas Element Schmoochle Egg Valentine's 2.0.3 Blabbit Egg Easter Element2 Hoola Egg Hoola-0
Punkleton Yool Schmoochle Blabbit Hoola

Vita Exclusive Eggs

Mythical Eggs

G'joob Egg Mythical Yawstrich Egg Mythical
G'joob Yawstrich

Glowbe Egg

Glowbe Egg


Rare Hoola Egg
  • Some eggs such as Glowbe egg can only be seen on Composer Island Edit Mode.
  • Glimmers to Rare eggs were added in Version 2.0.9.
  • A glow and glowing streaks appear on Epic eggs

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