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The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

Baby Bio:

It’s obvious from the moment it hatches - sporting its very own training wheels, no less - that the Drummidary is going places: probably not to drag races, mind you, but going places. For one so young, this little drummer has a weighty responsibility, for its thrumming motivates the musical troupe. Its wee bitty front chaws are less pinchy than they are soft and spongy, as it grasps its pals’ toesies when they pass by and give them an affectionate squeeze.

Adult Bio:

The adult four-humped Drummidary sports a reciprocating drum kit on its back, and a coiffure resembling julienned carrots (though one mustn’t make the mistake of helping oneself to a snack: that isn’t blue cheese dip in those drums!). Being composed of so many diverse elements give it a well-rounded sound that resonates with monsters of all kinds.


Drummidary is a quint-element monster who debuted in 1.14.0.

As a baby, it's an orange (Fire) crustacean-like monster. It has a gray metallic shell with glowing swirls (Earth). It has a pair of wheels attached to its shell. It has a set of drum-like structures (Air) with logs in it that function as pistons (Plant). Each of its legs and arms forms a single, sharp point. It has green eyes with blue eyelids.

As an adult, its appearance more-closely resembles a crab, having a bigger head, large red and yellow pincers, and a green slime-like substance oozing from the shell. It has four legs: two in the back and the other two used as the axle of the wheels. It now has four drums on its shell. Its eyes changed from green to red.


Instrument: Taiko drum

VST: Halion 6

The Drummidary bangs on the logs on its drum kit in a manner like that of a piston to produce a sound very similar to a Taiko Drum, an ancient Japanese drum that is louder depending on its size.

On the Continent, it plays quite loudly. On Cloud Island, it plays slightly more quietly.


The Drummidary can be bred with the elements Air, Plant, Earth, Cold, and Fire. The following are the combinations for breeding Drummidary:


The Drummidary will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items that requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask a new combination of foods or items.


Drummidary may be teleported to Cloud Island. It costs 6000 Coins to teleport, and after teleportation it rewards 7 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire). Teleportation for the Drummidary takes 80 hours.

Name Origin

Drummidary's name is a combination of "drum", its instrument, and "dromedary", a type of camel.


  • Drummidary's sound was originally Pummel's beta sounds.
  • Drummidary is the second quint element monster to exist in the My Singing Monsters universe, the first being Candelavra.
  • It is the first quint element monster that can be teleported to Cloud Island.
  • In the code, Drummidary is called "Taiko", likely because of the sound it makes.
  • Drummidary is the third monster with pincers for hands, with the first being Clamble and the second being Ziggurab.
  • As a baby, it is constantly chewing, similar to how the Woolabee chews its cud.
  • Though it doesn't seem to resemble a camel, Its adult bio describes it as "four-humped ", referring to the barrels on its back. This, along with its chewing motions and its name, are the reasons that it's like a camel.
  • Drummidary has every possible breeding combination when PongPing came out.

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