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  • Pornographic material
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List of Servers

While there is no official Discord Server, there are several fan-made, unofficial Discord Servers dedicated to My Singing Monsters.

Please have the servers in a list from most members to least. The Higher on the List, the more members, visa versa.

Ockulo Grove: My Singing Monsters Community

  • Ockulo Grove is the largest My Singing Monsters server on Discord, so we have lots of things to do!
  • The MSM developer host monthly AMAs, or Handler Hangouts here!
  • Has game announcements for both MSM and DoF, as well as the official feeds for MSM's Twitter and Youtube.
  • Share your Friend Code and look for tribes.
  • Show off your new monsters and art!
  • Has a very useful MSM info bot that can give you breeding combos on the fly.
  • We host weekly island and art contests that anyone can join.
  • Has a unique server economy
  • Get one on one help with game veterans.
  • LOTS of other cool features
  • Server Link

The Monscord

  • This Community-Run Server is all about My Singing Monsters, a Musical World-Building Mobile Game released by Canadian Company Big Blue Bubble.
  • Here, you can make friends with other MSM Players, share your Monsterpieces, have fun and so much more!
  • All things msm! Breeding Combinations? Theories? Monsterpieces? We have it all! Discuss and share all things MSM with our wide variety of Channels!
  • Safe and secure! My Singing Monscord has a top-notch moderation system. Our priority is creating a safe and fun environment for our Members!
  • Fully fledged economy! In the Server, you’ll be able to earn Coins through Events, Games, and even just talking! These Coins can be used to buy special items in -the-market-. These items range from cosmetics, to unlocking new games and commands!
  • Server events! Throughout the year, we hold a bunch of different Events and Competitions. These Events are great fun, and you can even earn rewards for participating!
  • Updates galore! We constantly update My Singing Monscord with new Items, Features, Games, Channels, Emotes and more. There’s never a dull moment around here!
  • Server Link

My Singing Monsters Discord (Subreddit)

  • Unofficial server for all things My Singing Monsters.
  • Affiliated with the MSM subreddit, with a live feed of every post there.
  • Founded in 2018, with 1.3k members and growing.
  • Roles available for nearly every monster.
  • Level-up system that gives you access to special monster roles.
  • Share your friend code and/or tribe.
  • Join the tribe of our own.
  • We've got a channel for languages other than English.
  • Share your own MSM creations.
  • Cursing is allowed, just keep it respectful and follow Discord's TOS
  • Have fun!

Torch Titans

  • My singing monsters community built on adding friends and lighting torches.
    • We have people with pingable roles dedicated to burning your torch (both platforms).
  • The best players in the world (Steam) call our server their home.
    • Notable names include but aren't limited to: Eye, Pwn, zaezaez, Earthy, Seraphine, Cy, 123MeeMaw, and ak-ryuu.
  • Having top talent gives us an edge in providing you with help.
    • These players are active in our server and always happy to assist you!
  • Home of the #1 and #3 tribes on MSM (Steam)
    • #1 is seen as Torch T1tans and #3 as our discord invite link.
    • We have a mobile tribe as well!
  • Every week we host island decorating competitions to keep things fresh and engaging
    • Other competitions down the pipeline include: art contests, monster design contests, and more!
  • Unique server roles for accomplishments in-game.
    • A great opportunity to get recognition!
  • Get news about new updates directly from the MSM Twitter as well as by opting-in to our server announcements.
    • Server announcements stay limited to one ping per MSM update (typically Wednesdays and Fridays).
  • Server Link

GoldenAleX's MSM Server

  • This Is GoldenAleX's MSM Server!
  • This Server is 13+
  • Even though we might be a 13+ server, some cursing allowed
  • This server is officially owned by GoldenAleX
  • Obviously, This Server Tells his Uploads And Livestreams
  • (Quality Memes ;))
  • The Server Link

The Aztecs || My Singing Monsters Mega-Tribe

  • Four different My singing Monsters tribes for all skill levels. We have a 25+, 50+, 65+ (75 by 2022) and 90+ (100 soon).
  • Get to know members in our amazing community!
  • MSM trivia games to test your knowledge!
  • Find other MSM users and share your friend code to light each others torches!
  • Get help from more advanced users in the game with tips and tricks to progress faster!

Cult of Tweedle

  • An awesome MSM community focused on the best monster, the Tweedle!
  • We have tons of guides and tips, including a full on Zynth farming guide!
  • MSM updates from Twitter, definitely updating you on the latest news!
  • Tons of fun channels, including art channels, friend code channels, tribe channels, shoutouts, discord sings, and many other fun filled channels.
  • Constantly updating, we have raffles, and lots of great bots.
  • A cool bot that takes info from the wiki called the Wubbot!
  • This is easily the best MSM server, you will not regret joining!


  • Show off your MSM and DOF islands.
  • Includes artwork and meme channels in general.
  • Includes channels to ask for friend codes, ask for tribe members, and ask for likes.
  • Show off your recent adoptions.
  • Has a neat MSM info bot called My Singing Bot.
  • Server Link

The People (MSM Community) - (Tribe 2500+ Applications Open)

  • Overall Chill and Awesome Community for anyone who plays My Singing Monsters
  • Discord only Tribe for players who reach lvl 70+ a week for great rewards like diamonds and starpower
  • Breeding Guide for all monsters including rares and epics
  • Friendcode sharing and wishing torch lighting channel available
  • Msm Announcement (with optional pings)
  • Show your achievements and islands off to others
  • Amazing Members and staff team to answer questions, help you and have a good time with
  • Server Link:

Roblox: My Singing Monsters Roleplay (NeptuneTehPlanet)

  • Age +13
  • A MSM server for the Original game and the MSM Roleplay game on Roblox
  • Show off what you've got in MSM and DoF
  • Share your friend codes
  • Invite others to your tribe
  • Have a monster fan role (e.g. NogginFanRole)
  • Roleplay in the chat if you cant join the game.
  • Server Link

The Ethereal Religion

  • This is a unofficial server for fans of msm
  • Levels to ranks to unlock more stuff
  • Bots like, Wubbot, unbelieveaboat, and more!
  • More members means the more fun
  • Friendly people! (If they follow the rules)
  • Announcements for msm, the server, and event that are unlocked by using reaction roles!
  • Great server for msm fans!

Skyral's MSM Server

  • Talk about fanmade islands
  • Discuss fanmade islands
  • Discuss ideas for fanmade islands
  • Collab with people on said islands
  • Talk about MSM
  • Talk about other games
  • Have fun generally
  • Work your way up the ranks
  • Run out of things to say in the bulletin board

My Singing Monsters Community Server (Dhll)

  • Talk to other My Singing Monsters players.
  • Meet some My Singing Monsters youtubers.
  • Help other My Singing Monsters players.
  • Be helped by other My Singing Monsters players.
  • Be apart of the community.
  • Work your way trough the ranks.
  • Join each other tribal islands
  • Help light peoples torches.

Archer's MSM Fandom Server

Kabwax's MSM Discord

  • Must be thirteen or older to join
  • Discuss anything related to My Singing Monsters (as long as its family-friendly)
  • Here's the link:

The New Faction MSM RP Server

  • 9 different factions
  • An unaffiliated remake of the "Factions of the monster world: a MSM Roleplay Server"
  • Small bits of lore left to uncover and piece together
  • Low user count
  • Unexperienced owner
  • Server link

The Unofficial MSM Fandom Server

  • All chat categories from the MSM Fandom
  • An Off-Topic section with suggestions for specific channels and games
  • Fun bots to mess around with
  • A level-up system to unlock new roles with higher income rates
  • A shop which is looking for new suggestions on items to sell
  • Click here to join and be cool: