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Server Link Rules

We cannot link to Servers that promote sharing of material that infringe on BBB's copyright, trademarks, or other intellectual property. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Leaks, or internal files with material not accessible from inside the games
  • Pornographic material
  • Distortion of trademarked logos
  • Hacks or Exploits to any of the games
  • Claiming to be a representatives of BBB

List of Servers

There are several unofficial Discord Servers dedicated to My Singing Monsters.

Mists MSM Wiki Discord

  • A small Discord mainly for discussing MSM news and things relevant to the Wiki.
  • No Advertising of Friend Codes, Tribes or other Discord Servers allowed inside.
  • Server Link

Hydro's MSM Server

  • Has game announcements for MSM and DoF.
  • Get Twitter updates from @SingingMonsters
  • Share your Friend Code and look for tribes.
  • Show off your new monsters and art!
  • Has a neat MSM info bot called My Singing Bot.
  • Server Link

Factions of the Monster World: An MSM Roleplay Server

  • Factions of the Monster World is a roleplay server built on the factions from different islands.
  • Embark on a quest, start a war, or just stroll around the town square making new friends. *Perhaps you are curious and love puzzles- then the Fish of the Deep faction suits you! Or maybe you want to join the global market in the Sky Settlers tribe.
  • Join in on seasonal events or faction elections.
  • If this sounds like your jam, then come here and join us- we'd love to have you!


  • Show off your MSM and DOF islands.
  • Includes artwork and meme channels in general.
  • Includes channels to ask for friend codes, ask for tribe members, and ask for likes.
  • Show off your recent adoptions.
  • Has a neat MSM info bot called My Singing Bot.
  • Server Link

My Singing Monsters (Discord Server) - by User @PlakaDrakes

  • Talk to people and fans of the game and series!
  • Fun for all ages. (13 +)
  • Game and series news featured in the server.
  • Get people to join your in-game Tribe!
  • Meet other fans. - Make new friends. - Share your in-game friend codes!
  • Post memes related to the franchise.
  • Share and show off your Islands and Monster collections.
  • Share ideas you have for the game's future and upcoming updates.
  • Contains a cool server-exclusive leveling system involving roles!
  • Notifies you when BBB posts a new video or Tweet.
  • Important updates in the game series are explained.
  • Has a neat MSM info bot called My Singing Bot.
  • Server Link

Lazer149's MSM server

  • A Discord server for MSM as a whole
  • Join please, anything goes
  • Server Link

Archer's MSM Fandom Server

Roblox:My Singing Monsters Roleplay (NeptuneTehPlanet)

  • A MSM server for the Original game and the MSM Roleplay game on Roblox (Link in the 'game-link' channel.
  • Show off what you've got in MSM and DoF
  • Share your friend codes
  • Have a chance to join the tribe (Instructions in 'tribe-stuff' channel)
  • Have a monster fan role (e.g. NogginFanRole)
  • Roleplay in the chat if you cant join the game.
  • Server Link

"My Singing Monsters (Unofficial)" by Rareblin

  • Roles based on the Elements or Classes of the Monsters.
  • General chat for people to talk about MSM in.
  • Very casual.
  • Events every once in a while.
  • Has a neat MSM info bot called My Singing Bot
  • Server Link

No Noggins

  • Age 15+, some coarse language and rough talk
  • Roles based on in game level
  • Friend code exchange and tribes
  • Share your epic islands
  • Very laid back
  • Nice memes
  • Server Link

V-V’s MSM server

MSM Quibble Fan Discord

  • Fun community
  • Self advertising allowed
  • Level-up system
  • All suggestions will be considered to improve the server
  • Server Link

My Singing Monscord

  • A Discord server about both the game and the fandom
  • Level-up system
  • Challenges to get the emotes for the server
  • Server Link

The New Faction MSM RP Server

  • 9 different factions
  • Remade "Factions of the monster world: a MSM Roleplay Server"
  • Small bits of lore left to uncover and piece together
  • Low user count
  • Unexperienced owner
  • Server link
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