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Monsters love to interpret the mysterious meaning of this symbol. None of them can agree on a single way to read it, however, and the purpose is entirely unknown.


The Directions to Nowhere is a tree stump with a sign bearing a mysterious symbol attached to it. The symbol on the sign bears a resemblance to a frustrated looking eyeball crying three small teardrops.

The sign's symbol can be looked at two ways: its eyebrow could mean the eye is angry and having crocodile tears, or its eyebrow means that the eye is fearing and crying.

Monsters who Like it

The following monsters will have their happiness increased by 25% when near one of these.

Monster Island(s)
File:Toe Jammer.png
Toe Jammer
Plant Island.png Cold Island.png Air Island.png Water Island.png Fire Oasis.png Psychic Island.png Bone Island.png
Plant Island.png Cold Island.png Air Island.png Water Island.png Earth Island.png Fire Haven.png Fire Oasis.png Ethereal Island.png
File:Epic Drumpler.png
Epic Drumpler
Plant Island.png Air Island.png Earth Island.png Faerie Island.png
File:Rare Thumpies.png
Rare Thumpies
Cold Island.png Earth Island.png
Air Island.png Earth Island.png Shugabush Island.png
File:Rare Blabbit.png
Rare Blabbit
Water Island.png
Fire Haven.png Fire Oasis.png Light Island.png Psychic Island.png Faerie Island.png Bone Island.png
File:Rare Barrb.png
Rare Barrb
Fire Haven.png
File:Fung Pray.png
Fung Pray
Ethereal Island.png
File:Rare Arackulele.png
Rare Arackulele
Ethereal Island.png
File:Rare Nebulob.png
Rare Nebulob
Ethereal Island.png

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