Diamond 2.0

A Diamond, as seen in Version 2.0.0

Diamonds, also referred to as gems, are the premium currency in both My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. They have extensive uses throughout both games, being a rare yet useful resource that can allow the player to bypass many time-consuming elements of the game or upgrade important structures.

My Singing Monsters


In My Singing Monsters, Diamonds are used for the following actions:


Diamonds can be obtained through the following sources:

  • The Mini-Mine, the premium Maximum Mine, and the now unobtainable Mine, which produce Diamonds at a rate of 1 Diamond25px per day and 4 Diamond25px per day, respectively
  • Completion of difficult Goals, which can result in Diamonds as a reward
  • Completion of weekly Tribal Island Goals, which can result in a reward of up to 20 Diamond25px at Tribal Level 1500
  • Bonus rewards of 1 Diamond25px from Monsters that are level 16 or higher
  • Earning 100 Diamond25px per week while having a Top Ten Island
  • Registering a Friend for the first time through each method for a 5 Diamond25px reward
  • Sharing Achievements via social networks
  • Winning anywhere from 2 Diamond25px to 1000 Diamond25px from the Spin Wheel
  • Winning 2 Diamond25px from the Memory Game
  • Logging in three consecutive days for 3 Diamond25px and ten consecutive days for 25 Diamond25px
  • Exchanging Shards for Diamonds
  • Collecting 2 Diamond25px from Wublins and Celestials at a 7% chance
  • Purchasing Diamonds with cash or completing free offers
  • Rewards from the Mailbox

Dawn of Fire


In My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, Diamonds are used for the following actions:

  • Buying Hybrid or Celestial Monsters
  • Speeding up most time-dependent actions of the game at a rate of 1 Diamond25px per 15 minutes including partial quarter-hours
  • Purchasing upgrades that require materials the player does not own
  • Fulfilling orders that require items the player does not down
  • Buying additional Market and Structure slots
  • Buying additional Structures
  • Buying extra Cosmic Dice rolls
  • Teleporting Celestial Monsters to Starhenge if the player did not complete the constellation in time, at a rate of 21 Diamond25px per missing step


Diamonds can be obtained through the following sources:

  • Sending Monsters to the Wondermine for up to a 96% chance to get 1 Diamond25px
  • Using the Diamond Extractor to extract up to 20 Diamond25px in exchange for 100 Coins per Diamond
  • Completing all nine Skyship orders on time
  • Earning up to 6 Diamond25px from the Daily Login Game
  • Mail rewards
  • Purchasing Diamonds with cash or completing free offers


  • A particularly fast way to generate Diamonds in My Singing Monsters is to create Wublin farms using Zynths. As Zynths are relatively easy to wake up and only require 4 units of grid space in total, over 80 Zynths can be placed, which results in a net generation of over 200 Diamond25px per week, assuming perfect collecting.
  • Take advantage of free offers, as they can be an easy way to obtain a large amount of Diamonds for free, especially when the amount of offered Diamonds is doubled or even tripled due to an event; additionally, Diamond rewards from free offers are doubled once reaching Level 24.


  • In Version 2.0.0, the Diamond icon changed from Diamond25px-old to Diamond25px.
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