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A Diamond, as seen in Version 2.0.0

Diamonds, also referred to as gems, are the premium currency in both My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. They have extensive uses throughout both games, being a rare yet useful resource that can allow the player to bypass many time-consuming elements of the game or upgrade important structures. Diamond production can be maximized by utilizing Diamond Farming techniques. Diamonds not only can be obtained from production and the game uses them to make people buy In App Purchases.

My Singing Monsters


In My Singing Monsters, Diamonds are used for the following actions:


Diamonds can be obtained through the following sources:

  • The Mini-Mine, the premium Maximum Mine, and the now unobtainable Mine, which produce Diamonds at a rate of 1 Diamonds per day and 4 Diamonds per day, respectively
  • Completion of difficult Goals, which can result in Diamonds as a reward
  • Completion of weekly Tribal Island Goals, which can result in a reward of up to 20 Diamonds at Tribal Level 1500
  • Bonus rewards of 1 Diamonds from Monsters that are level 16 or higher
  • Earning 100 Diamonds per week while having a Top Ten Island
  • Registering a Friend for the first time through each method for a 5 Diamonds reward
  • Sharing Achievements via social networks
  • Winning anywhere from 2 Diamonds to 1000 Diamonds from the Spin Wheel
  • Winning 2 Diamonds from the Memory Game
  • Logging in three consecutive days for 3 Diamonds and ten consecutive days for 25 Diamonds
  • Exchanging Shards for Diamonds
  • Collecting 2 Diamonds from Wublins and Celestials at a 7% chance
  • Purchasing Diamonds with cash or completing free offers
  • Rewards from the Mailbox

It is also possible to use Diamond Farming techniques to maximize production.

Dawn of Fire


In My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, Diamonds are used for the following actions:

  • Buying Hybrid or Celestial Monsters
  • Speeding up most time-dependent actions of the game at a rate of 1 Diamonds per 15 minutes including partial quarter-hours
  • Purchasing upgrades that require materials the player does not own
  • Fulfilling orders that require items the player does not down
  • Buying additional Market and Structure slots
  • Buying additional Structures
  • Buying extra Cosmic Dice rolls
  • Teleporting Celestial Monsters to Starhenge if the player did not complete the constellation in time, at a rate of 21 Diamonds per missing step


Diamonds can be obtained through the following sources:

  • Sending Monsters to the Wondermine for up to a 96% chance to get 1 Diamonds
  • Using the Diamond Extractor to extract up to 20 Diamonds in exchange for 100 Coins per Diamond
  • Completing all nine Skyship orders on time
  • Earning up to 6 Diamonds from the Daily Login Game
  • Mail rewards
  • Purchasing Diamonds with cash or completing free offers


  • By using various methods of Diamond Farming, it is possible to generate upwards of 700Diamonds per week.
  • A particularly fast way to generate Diamonds in My Singing Monsters is to create Wublin farms using Zynths. As Zynths are relatively easy to wake up and only require 4 units of grid space in total, over 80 Zynths can be placed, which results in a net generation of over 200 Diamonds per week, assuming perfect collecting.
  • Take advantage of free offers, as they can be an easy way to obtain a large amount of Diamonds for free, especially when the amount of offered Diamonds is doubled or even tripled due to an event; additionally, Diamond rewards from free offers are doubled once reaching Level 24.


  • In Version 2.0.0, the Diamond icon changed from Diamond25px-old.png to Diamond25px.png.