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This article is about the diamond-producing structure of My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. For the diamond-producing structure of My Singing Monsters, see Mini-Mine.
Who doesn't want more Diamonds? This extractor searches through rocks and rubble to find precious Diamonds!
In-game description
Extractor ready

The Diamond Extractor after it has finished extracting Diamonds

The Diamond Extractor is a primary Production Structure in Dawn of Fire that produces the Currency, Diamonds (Diamonds (Dawn of Fire)), through a process called extraction. It is the seventh direct Production Structure, and the seventh overall Production Structure available in the game, unlocked at level 6.

The Diamond Extractor comes with one queue slot. No additional queue slots can be purchased.


The extraction times of the Diamonds by the Diamond Extractor are listed below.

Note: The production times shown below are the default times. Upgrading the Diamond Extractor will decrease the production times.

Diamond Amount Production Cost Production Time Time per
2 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 200 Coin25px-DoF 6 hours 3 hours 1 Experience
4 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 400 Coin25px-DoF 12 hours 3 hours 2 Experience
10 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 1,000 Coin25px-DoF 24 hours 2 hours,
24 minutes
6 Experience
20 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) 2,000 Coin25px-DoF 48 hours 2 hours,
24 minutes
10 Experience


The Diamond Extractor may be upgraded to make processes a percentage faster. The equation for a Crafting Item's new speed after a certain upgrade is Original_Time * (100 / (0.95 + Upgrade_No * 0.05)), with "Original_Time" referring to the Crafting Item's default processing time, and "Upgrade_No" referring to the level that the structure is at after the upgrade.

The Diamond Extractor can be upgraded even when it is active. A random amount of crystals (a mix of Crystals, Polished Crystals and Carved Crystals, sometimes only one of a certain type) is required as well as coins. As the upgrade gets higher, the chances of getting a more expensive mix of Crystals is higher.

After upgrading, the selected Structure will run faster, and XP will be earned as well, the amount dependent on the difficulty of the combination of crystals.

Crystals + 100 Coins = 5% faster total.

Name Origin

As its name suggests, the Diamond Extractor is named after the fact that it is a machine that extracts diamonds.


  • The Diamond Extractor was not a part of the initial launch of Dawn of Fire; it was released in the Version 1.4.0 Update.
    • Additionally, it is the first placeable Structure in Dawn of Fire to be introduced in a new update.
    • It is also the second new Structure in Dawn of Fire, second to Market.
  • In time, the Diamond Extractor can be used to pay back its purchase cost. Presuming that the running times are the default:
    • The first Diamond Extractor will pay back its purchase cost in forty to fifty full days of running, e.g. twenty two-day runs of 20 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire).
    • The second Diamond Extractor will pay back its purchase cost in forty to fifty full days of running by using it and the first Diamond Extractor for the purpose of paying back its purchase.  By itself, the second Extractor takes 80 to 100 days to pay back its own purchase price.
    • The third Diamond Extractor, however, will pay back its purchase cost in sixty to seventy-five full days of running by using the first, second, and third Diamond Extractors.  By itself, the third Extractor takes 160 to 200 days to pay back its own purchase price.
  • The Diamond Extractor is the only Production Structure in which the cost of subsequent structures is roughly twice as that of its previous structure.
  • Unlike the original game's way of earning Diamonds through the Mini-Mine or Maximum Mine, which continually and automatically produces Diamonds either on a twelve- or twenty-four- hour interval, earning Diamonds from the Diamond Extractor is a manual process in which the player selects the amount of Diamonds and the time interval of their production. In addition, in My Singing Monsters, there is no cost for producing Diamonds, however the Diamond Extractor costs Coins to process the Diamond extraction: 100 Coin25px-DoF per Diamond.
  • The Experience earned from producing Diamonds in the Diamond Extractor is exclusive to this Production Structure and does not represent the actual Experience value of obtaining 1 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire).
    • Despite it being solely a primary production structure, the products, or Diamonds produced by the Diamond Extractor reward the player with a different amount of Experience rather than the usual 1 Experience observed with the other primary production structures. This is because all of the products are Diamonds and that there is a difference in the Diamond amount put into the structure.
  • Diamonds produced by the Diamond Extractor may be obtained from the Wondermine but not in the same way as the items from the other primary Production Structures. In other words, Diamonds always have a chance to be produced by the Wondermine, whereas specific primary crafting items resulting from the Wondermine vary.
  • The Diamond Extractor has been discounted before. The following are its past discounts:
    • In 2016:
      • The 2016 Anniversary Month Celebration: it was discounted by 50% for two days from September 27th to September 29th. Link on Facebook.
      • The 2016 Thanksgiving special offer: it was discounted by 50% from November 25th to November 28th.
    • In 2017
      • The 2017 Anniversary Month Celebration: it was discounted by 50% from September 25th to September 29th.
      • Black Friday sale. 24th November 2017 to 27th November 2017.
    • In 2018:
    • In 2019:
      • 30th August to 1st September for 3 days. Discounted by 50%. Also discounted with Castle and Hotel.
      • 28th November to 1st December for 3 days, for Black Friday. Discounted by 50%.

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