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The shy and unsightly Dermit harbors clusters of itchy warts all over its skin, but what is an occasional nuisance for the Wublin is the great boon for mushrooms of all varieties. As quickly as the monster can scratch away new growths with its long nails, there's more where that came from. Oh well, spontaneous singing is as good a salve as any!


The Dermit appears to have a head that resembles a fish or amphibian, with two olive-green fins protruding from each side, similar to those of an axolotl. Its body appears to be covered in rock-like warts or barnacles, and a few mushrooms, of which are purple, pink, and red. Dermit has two elliptical pupils on each green eye.

The eggs required by Dermit are reflected in its appearance: Fwog for its overall amphibian appearance, Quarrister for its body structure and rock-like warts, Thumpies for its fungi, some of which being shaped similar to the horns of a Scups, and its large mouth from Entbrat. The fungus and greenish coloring of it may also be from the surplus of the Plant element.


Dermit singing.

Dermit sings "bum bum bum badom bom bum bum bom badum bum badom" in a low, raspy voice at a very fast pace.

Earning rate

The Dermit, like all other Wublins, will produce coins, diamonds, food, and shards, but at no specified rate, although always less than a day.

Multiple Dermits may produce any of these four currencies independently from each other: Coins (Coins), Shards (Shards), Treats (Treats), and Diamonds (Diamonds).

Dermit being zapped.

Powering Up

The allotted time to fill a Dermit in order to activate is 3 days. If the inventory is not completed in the time the Dermit resets to an empty statue and all eggs inside are lost.

Egg Time Islands to Breed On
Entbrat-egg.pngx3 24 hours Plant Island.png
Quarrister-egg.pngx3 24 hours Earth Island.png
Scups-egg.pngx4 12 hours Air Island.png
Water Island.png
Thumpies-egg.pngx4 12 hours Cold Island.png
Earth Island.png
Fwog-egg.pngx12 30 minutes Plant Island.png
Air Island.png
Water Island.png
Bone Island.png


Because of its Quarristers, Dermit requires Earth Island. Since Dermit requires Entbrats and Quarristers, breed all of the Thumpies on Cold Island, breed all of the Scups on Air and Water Islands, and breed the Fwogs on Bone island, since the quads will take up their respective islands (Plant & Earth). Try to pre-breed both a Quarrister and an Entbrat before starting to fill up the inventory. If you don't, you might have to spend diamonds to speed up the process for Quarrister and Entbrats. For the quads, use the rare counterpart for breeding. If you don't have one, use Noggin + Thumpies for Quarrister, and Noggin + Bowgart for Entbrats, since Noggins will allow you to run multiple attempts in seconds. It is also recommended to breed the Scups and the Thumpies with their Rare counterparts. If you use a quad, you run the small risk of an Ethereal. Dermit becomes easier to wake up if you have the rare counterparts for the quads and the triples.

Name origin

The Dermit's name could be a play on derm-, a prefix that means skin, and Kermit the frog, due to the frog-like appearance of the Dermit.

Possible Monster Names

To see all possible names for Dermit, see Monster Names.


The solved crossword that teasers the Dermit name

Dermit sleeping

  • The Dermit's name was discovered through a crossword. Colored squares correlated to a certain letter of the once upcoming Wublin name. Puzzle link.
  • Like all Wublins, there is a shadow teaser of the Dermit, shown here.
  • Dermit's song has been foreshadowed twice before its reveal; its song was heard in the Wublin Island tutorial and the Brump's memory game sound sounded similar to the Dermit's current song (except it sounds more like a Mammott).
  • Dermit was released on July 29th, 2016.
  • It and the Arackulele share the possible name "Webster".
  • Dermit is the 9th Wublin to be released and the 4th Wublin to be released separately.
  • Dermit's sleeping animation used to be seemingly broken. It did rest on its muted position, though it did not animate snoring more than once after being muted. This bug was fixed with the introduction of Gheegur.
  • Dermit needs both quad-element monsters that sing.
  • For some reason, Dermit's introduction caused the last verse of the song to be removed. The reason is unknown, but it made a comeback with the introduction of Creepuscule.
  • Brump and Dermit are usually called the easiest and hardest Wublins to wake up respectively. Coincidentally, they are both frogs and require Fwogs to be awoken.

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