Items thrown in the Volcano are broken down into their components.
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The Deconstructor is a planned structure for Dawn of Fire. Its unknown if it will ever come in-game. It was planned to decompose products into its original items used to make products with. Alike to all of Dawn Of Fire's land structures, it was more than likely intended to be unlocked following the unlocking of the Earth Lands on the Continent, alike to all structures that tie to their lands.


  • In the My Singing Monsters: Colouring Book app, the Deconstructor can be obtained as a daily page.
  • The Deconstructor is visible on Mirror Earth Island in the original game.
  • The (unused) sprite sheet calls this structure the Deconstructor, but the text files call it the Volcano.
  • Its usage was revealed within Big Blue Bubble's extra life Twitch livestream in the chat area.
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