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Daily Deals are special promotions that occur frequently in My Singing Monsters. They usually decrease the price of Decorations, IslandsCurrency and expensive Monsters such as the Wubbox, but may also alter the chance of breeding hard-to-get monsters. Daily Deals can be seen by clicking the News button. When a new feature which must be purchased by the player is added to the game, there is sometimes an introductory discount.

In October 2014, My Singing Monsters introduced Rare Monsters, the rare versions of natural monsters. Because the list is already very lengthy, this article will not show all Daily Deals of Rares being offered. These Daily Deals show when the Rares can be bred and bought. Starting in December 2014, the weekend sales have also had other offers along with the current available Rare.

The promotions may also lower the price of specific Currency packs in the Market, or increase the rewards for downloads of third-party apps via Tapjoy. Again, increases in Currency value will not be put in to this article because of the lengthy list (unless combined with another deal), and because Daily Deals of Currency are of the most common deal.

As of January 9th 2016, both My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire will have weekend deals of any type (but more likely currency deals) every weekend. This was requested by the My Singing Monsters community when Big Blue Bubble asked for customer feedback request in the forms of Haikus (link to be listed soon).

The versions of the game for Windows and for mobile devices sometimes don't have the same Daily Deals at the same time.

Previous deals (MSM):

From To Sale Item(s) Deal Photo Further Notes
5th December 2015 8th December 2015 Glowbes Glowbe daily deal One of the many Daily Deals for Cyber Monday
1st May 2015 4th May 2015 Rare SpungeGhaztGrumpyreReebroHumbugJeeode Oh La lA!!!Image The Rare Spunge won the Rare Rerun votes, and at that time, a Ethereal Breeding Bonanza is available for the weekend.
28th March 2015 1st April 2015 Rare Deedge Blabbit Rare Deedge release plus Blabbit At the time the Rare Deedge was released, the Blabbit was discounted to 75 Diamond25px
10th February 2015 13th February 2015 Rare Dandidoo Schmoochle Rare Dandidoo release At the time the Rare Dandidoo was released, the Schmoochle was discounted to 100 Diamond25px
31st January 2015 3rd February 2015 Rare CongleGhaztGrumpyreReebroHumbugJeeode
Rare Congle wins Rare Pango lost
While the Rare Congle was rerun, there was a Breeding Bonanza taking place at the same time.
25th December 2014 29th December 2014 Rare FurcornRare ThumpiesRare PummelRare PangoRare FwogRare PomPomRare SpungeRare EntbratRare CybopRare ShrubbRare Congle
Rare reprise 27 dec 2014
The Rares Reprise was for all monsters at once.
3rd December 2014 5th December 2014 Yool Yool plus The Yool did not end at 5th December; the discount ended on that day. Also, the silhouette in the background turned out to be the Recording Studio, introduced in version 1.3.1.
1st December 2014 2nd December 2014 Wubbox torch castles Cyber Monday 2014 Cyber Monday is the marketing term for the Monday after Thanksgiving.
25th(?) November 2014 1st December 2014 TurkeyRare FurcornRare ThumpiesRare PummelRare PangoRare FwogRare PomPomRare SpungeRare Entbrat
Thanksgiving 2014
Each Rare monster reappearance from Rare Furcorn to Rare Spunge in groups of two to three only lasted for 24 hours.
6th October 2014 10th October 2014 Wubbox Active Ethereal wubbox availability The discount was for all islands. During that time, the Wubbox in Ethereal Island cost 75,000 Shard.
4th September 2014 30th September 2014 Various AnniversaryMonthCelebration Anniversary Month Celebration
29th July 2014 5th August 2014
29 July - 5 August
25th July 2014 28th July 2014
HumbugJeeodeWishing Torch Plant
25 - 28 July
30th June 2014 7th July 2014 Wubbox Active 30 June - 7 July
23rd May 2014 27th May 2014 Wishing Torch Plant 23-27 May
8th May 2014 12th May 2014 Wubbox Active 8-12 May
4th April 2014 9th April 2014
4-7 April
12th March 2014 14th March 2014 Wubbox Active 12-14 March Players have also recieved 10 diamonds if playing right after the launch of the update
10th February 2014 13th February 2014 Wishing Torch Plant 10-13 February
27th January 2014 31th January 2014 Wubbox Active 27 - 31 January
7th December 2013 9th December 2013 Wishing Torch Plant 7-9 December
2nd December 2013 3rd December 2013
Wubbox Active
2-3 December
25th November 2013 30th November 2013 Turkey 25-29 November
8th October 2013 11th October 2013
8-11 October
4th October 2013 7th October 2013 Wubbox Active 4-7 October
6th September 2013 9th September 2013
6-9 September
25th July 2013 25th July 2013
Floofy Nest
Ambered Thing
Tub Fountain
25-25 July
11th July 2013 15th July 2013
11-15 July At the time, the Grumpyre still didn't arrive into the game yet.
8th July 2013 11th July 2013 Wubbox Active 8-11 July
11th June 2013 14th June 2013 Unity Tree 11-14 June
21st May 2013 23rd May 2013 Entbrat 21-23 May
26th April 2013 29th April 2013 Bass String Bridge 26-29 April
24th April 2013 25th April 2013 Mini-Mine 24-25 April
19th April 2013 26th April 2013 Earth Island 19-26 April
16th April 2013 18th April 2013
Extravagant Castle
16-18 April
9th April 2013 11th April 2013 Bowgart 9-11 April
5th April 2013 8th April 2013
Barbloo Statue

Dragoon Statue

Squeed Statue

Spurrit Statue

5-8 April
28th March 2013 1st April 2013 Water Island 28 March - 1 April
22nd March 2013 25th March 2013 Floofy Nest 22-25 March
26th December 2012 27th December 2012 Time Machine 26-27 December
2nd October 2012 3rd October 2012 Dragoon Statue 2-3 October
1st October 2012 2nd October 2012 Eerie Remains 1-2 October
28th September 2012 1st October 2012 Cold Island 28 September - 1 October
27th September 2012 28th September 2012 Digger 27-28 September
25th September 2012 26th September 2012 Tree Hut 25-26 September
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