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My Singing Monsters uses different types of currency that help you in the game. There are eight currency types available. Each one has its own particular traits and is obtained in different ways.


Main article: Coins

Coins (Coins) are the most important resource early in the game, since it is required for baking Treats (Treats), purchasing Islands and upgrading Castles.

Your main source of Coins is from collecting from your Monsters, but other ways to get coins is from the offerwall and by purchasing them with real money.


Main article: Diamonds

Diamonds (Diamonds) are the main premium currency of the game and the most important resource except in the early game. It is the only way to purchase and upgrade many Structures, and can also be used to speed up breeding, or even be converted to other currencies (not advised!).

The main source of Diamonds is from Mini-Mines and Wublins. It is also possible to use Diamond Farming techniques to maximize production.


Main article: Treats

Treats (Treats) is a secondary currency. It is baked in a Bakery, or collected from Wublins, Celestials and level 16+ Monsters. It is only used for feeding monsters, including (very inefficiently) at Tribal Island.


Main article: Shards

Shards (Shards) is a secondary resource, mostly generated from Ethereal Island and Magical Sanctum (instead of Coins (Coins), but also from Wublins and Celestials. It is used for purchases and clearing obstacles on Ethereal Island and Magical Sanctum, as well as for leveling up your monster on Tribal Island.


Main article: Starpower

Starpower (Starpower) is a secondary currency that you get weekly from Tribal Island depending on your own and the total tribe level, as well as a prize from The Collosingum's Versus mode. It is used to purchase Rare Wubbox, special Decorations and sometimes Rare Monsters from the StarShop


Main article: Keys

Keys (Keys) are a special currency used exclusively to buy Dipsters. The primary sources of Keys are Daily Login Bonus and weekly gifts from Friends.


Main article: Relics

Relics (Relics) is a secondary currency. The most important source of Relics is from the Daily Login Bonus, and bought from the Marketplace with Diamonds (Diamonds). Relics are used for purchasing Werdos and Fire element monsters/vessels, as well as clearing obstacles on Amber Island.



Medals (Medals.png) are a special currency exclusively used to buy Costumes and Decorations in The Colossingum. The only source of Medals is completing Battle Quests.

Exchange Rates

There are various ways to exchange one Currency for another - some directly, some indirectly. Exchanges are typically from a valuable resource, such as Diamonds, to a less valuable resource, such as Treats. However, Shards can also be exchanged for Diamonds, as a common technique in Diamond Farming. Exchange rates are rarely altered.

Not considered are exchanges using real world money (In-App Purchases) due to pricing differences in different countries, fluctuations over time, and frequent sales events. Also not considered is investment into Monsters, such as feeding Treats to get more Coins, and getting Bonus Items from Monsters Level 16 and up.

Exchange in Spend Receive Rate Notes
Market 50 Diamonds 1,200,000 (Level 10) 24,000 Coins/Diamonds Level 10
The Diamonds-to-Coins exchange is level-dependent.
The exact formula for amount of Coins received for 50 Diamonds is 1,000,000 + 20,000 * (Level - 1) Coins
Market 50 Diamonds 1,500,000 (Level 25) 30,000 Coins/Diamonds Level 25
Market 50 Diamonds 2,000,000 (Level 50) 40,000 Coins/Diamonds Level 50
Market 50 Diamonds 2,500,000 (Level 75) 50,000 Coins/Diamonds Level 75
Market 3 Diamonds
6 Diamonds
9 Diamonds
1st Relics
2nd Relics
3rd Relics
0.333 Relics/Diamonds
0.1667 Relics/Diamonds
0.111 Relics/Diamonds
Cost increases per exchange to a maximum of 50 Diamonds/Relics. See the Relics article for details.
After 2-3 Relics, this method of exchange is discouraged.
Market 265 Diamonds 10 Relics 0.0377 Relics/Diamonds A separate Market exchange item for 10 Relics exists, costing the same as exchanging for 10 individual Relics. Its reason for existence is a mystery.
Market 500,000 Coins 50 Shards 0.001 Shards/Coins While not a great exchange rate, higher level players who have little reason to spend Coins may find this option attractive for feeding in a competitive Tribe, as the rate is slightly better than feeding on Tribal Island with Coins directly.
Market 50 Diamonds 100 Shards 2 Shards/Diamonds
Market 30,000 Shards 1 Diamonds 0.0000333 Diamonds/Shards Shard Exchange options are only available in the Ethereal Island and Magical Sanctum Markets.

While again not a great exchange rate, those who are set to receive the maximum Diamond reward from their Tribe's performance and don't care to level up further for Starpower or keep Shards as a reserve for the future may find this option attractive.

Bakery 50 Coins 5 Treats 0.1 Treats/Coins The basic rate holds true for all Treats.
Bakery 1 Diamonds 500 Treats
500 Treats/Diamonds
Speeding up the Bakery process, and ignoring the Coin cost, turns a Bakery into a Diamonds-to-Treats exchange option, just not a very good one for all except the Cake and Big Salad.
If Diamonds are also exchanged for the initial Coin cost, it becomes a terrible option. In short: only do this if you need the Treats immediately.
Bakery 3 Diamonds 1,500 Treats
500 Treats/Diamonds
Ice Cream
Bakery 6 Diamonds 7,500 Treats
1,250 Treats/Diamonds
Bakery 12 Diamonds 50,000 Treats
4,166 Treats/Diamonds
Bakery 24 Diamonds 100,000 Treats
4,166 Treats/Diamonds
Bakery 48 Diamonds 500,000 Treats
10,416 Treats/Diamonds
Bakery 48 Diamonds 1,000,000 Treats
20,833 Treats/Diamonds
Big Salad
Spin Wheel 2 Diamonds approximately 10,500 Treats ~5,250 Treats/Diamonds Spin Wheel exchanges are statistical averages over many spins. While you shouldn't rely on the Spin Wheel as a method of exchange, it can be an alternative to others, such as the Diamonds-to-Relics exchange in the Market.

Other than time spent, this option is a worse compared to exchanging Diamonds for Coins, and then Baking the desired Treats.

Spin Wheel 2 Diamonds approximately 0.22 Relics 0.11 Relics/Diamonds This is a better exchange than the Market after 2-3 exchanges, due to the rapidly increasing cost there.
Spin Wheel 2 Diamonds approximately 0.04 Keys 0.02 Keys/Diamonds There is no other form of exchange for Keys other than IAPs.
Nursery Ticket 10 Diamonds 220,000 Coins (max) 22,000 Coins/Diamonds (max) The Nursery Scratch Ticket allows you to win a Monster. The highest value Monsters that can be won are the Natural Quads, and Seasonal Monsters, which you will only get very rarely. Even with this highest value, the exchange rate is poor compared to exchanging in the Market.
Buying/Selling 10 Relics 100,000 Coins 10,000 Coins/Relics While you really shouldn't try to get Coins by spending Relics, buying Kayna/Werdos and then selling them for Coins is one way to do so.
Buying/Selling 100 Relics (Werdos)
1,000,000 Coins 10,000 Coins/Relics
Sales Event (50% sale) 1 Coins 1.5 Coins 1.5 Coins/Coins A quirk of sales events allows you to profit by buying while the item is on sale, and selling it when the sale event is over.
Example: An item costs 1,000 Coins. On sale at 50% it will be 500 Coins. When the sale ends, it can be sold for 750 Coins, a profit of 250 Coins.
Sales Event (75% sale) 1 Coins 3 Coins 3 Coins/Coins Example: An item costs 1,000 Coins. On sale at 75% it will be 250 Coins. When the sale ends, it can be sold for 750 Coins, a profit of 500 Coins.

Note: The amount of coins traded from exchanging diamonds increases when the player levels up.


  • Before version 1.3.6. Diamonds could be used to feed Tribal Monsters.
    • It was removed due to the possibility of accidental feeding.
  • Wublins and Celestials randomly generates either Coins (Coins), Treats (Treats), Shards (Shards) or Diamonds (Diamonds).