Critters typically represent the fauna of an Island. If you can think of the birds chirping on Plant Island, they sort of help round out the natural aspect of many Islands. Recall that the singing Monsters are sort of the civilization of the Monster World - they sort of straddle the line between.. a strong connection with the natural world, and also a connection with sort of a more organized society - whereas the Critters are moreso 'animalistic'.. they're more, well, Critters is really the perfect word to describe them.

Monster-handler Matt, MSM Live March 27th, 2020

Critters are the small little creatures that you can spot moving around either on the outside edges of, or in the background scene behind an Island. They don’t sing and aren’t considered Monsters. Each Island has a unique critter and some of them even change during Special Occasions. Critters are exclusive to My Singing Monsters, as none of the Islands in Dawn of Fire have any Critters.


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  • Most Critters also have Mirror Island variants.
    • The only Critter without a Mirror Island variant is Earth Island's Critter, which remains the same on Earth Island, Mirror Earth Island, and during Summersong.
      • This might be due to the fact that Earth Island’s Critter is actually a reference to another game by Big Blue Bubble called Burn the Rope. This "critter's" name is Wickman.
  • The critter for Composer Island was actually shown in a Tweet that @SingingMonsters (the official MSM Twitter account) posted before Composer Island was even announced.
  • Water Island and Fire Oasis are currently the only two Islands with two critters.
  • Celestial Island’s critter is actually never seen in-game, only its eyes peek through a tiny hole.
    • While the My Singing Monsters social media accounts have previously shown ladybug-like Critters on Celestial Island, these critters are actually associated with the revived Scaratar and can be found on its instrument. They are not the official Critter of Celestial Island.
  • Wublin Island doesn't seem to have a critter, however, some players believe that the small yellow dots floating around the island are actually fireflies; the ones in the top right appear to circle the light bulb there, while one in the bottom left approaches the light bulb but gets struck by an electric arc after which it quickly drops from view, in similar vein to a bug zapper.
  • More support of this is that the portraits for the critters include these small bugs.
  • There is also a critter that can be seen peeking its head out of Mount Knottshurr, no matter what Island you place it on.
  • Oaktopus, upon being placed on Shugabush Island, bears a nest in its algae that houses two of Plant Island's birdlike Critter.
  • It has been confirmed by Big Blue Bubble that the Fire Haven Critter's appearance is based off of the Honduran White Bat.
  • Rare Thumpies' log drum houses a butterfly critter. The same butterfly shows in Rare PomPom's hair.
  • Revived Scaratar's ladybug pets are considered critters.
  • Oaktopus, Rare Thumpies, revived Scaratar, Rare PomPom and Woolabee are the only Monsters known to house/pet a critter
  • The eyes floating around Psychic island are confirmed as critters in Periscorp's Description
  • In episode 58 of My Singing Monsters Live it was confirmed that Woolabee's birds are not critters.
  • The Bone Island critter is known as "Elushark".
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