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This article is about the Colossingum decoration. For the game mechanic, see Costumes

When the Monsters first arrived on The Colossingum, they discovered a tickle trunk's worth of Costumes to don for their musical competitions. Although they are typically stored inside the Mess Hall, this on-the-go Costume Rack makes quick changes a breeze!

The Costume Rack is a decoration exclusive to The Colossingum.


The Costume Rack is, as one might expect, a costume rack - with a seating area, make-up box, and mirror - and several pieces of the Monsters' Colossingum Costumes on the rack.


  • It was one of the 5 decorations to come to The Colossingum in version 3.0.3, along with Spurrit of Adventure Model, Craft Services Table, Critter Fountain, and Monstrolympic Torch.
  • The Costumes on the Costume Rack are Monster Mothma, Fantasy Wings, Horn Warmers, Socks of Splendor, Wetsuit Whimsy, Punk Apparel, Dyad Hatters, Horned Spanglehelm, Cod Topper, Borg Booties, Narwhaaa?, You’ve Got Mail, Lucky Thirteen, Ten Gallon Hat, HELPful Rings, Crash Test Gear, Sweatbands, Chitin Mittens, Vintage Speakers, Bionic Braces, and Parasol-ing.
  • The Costume Rack shows the cyan Monster Mothma costume instead of the blue version used ingame.
  • The Parasol-ing costume was first seen on the Costume Rack, over 7 months before its release.




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