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Copper Trumpet is the seventh Workshop Crafting Item and overall 39th Crafting Item to be unlocked in the game, along with Earmuffs and Marionette. Its market price is 3,414 - 5,689 Coin25px-DoF. It is unlocked at Level 39.


The Crafting Item Copper Trumpet is a copper trumpet made with bamboo valves.


There are no Crafting Items that requires Copper Trumpet. However, Copper Trumpets can be fed to monsters or given to the Skyship.


To craft a Copper Trumpet, 3 Bamboos (Bamboo) and 1 Copper (Copper) is required to be made and be processed in the Workshop. Starting crafting of a Copper Trumpet requires dragging the "Copper Trumpet" icon into the Structure once.

After being crafted, it can be collected to earn 45 Experience.

Skyship requirements

Most of the time, the Skyship will only require 1 Copper Trumpets per order (3 Copper Trumpets per Skyship), due to its immense difficulty in producing large quantities of it.

It will take a very, very long time for the Skyship to require 2 Copper Trumpets per order (6 Copper Trumpets per Skyship). It may take around 1 year and 6 months worth of Skyshipping to get to this stressworthy stage.


Copper Trumpet is a pretty rare object to possess. It's difficult to find in the Market unsold, even when spying on other people's Markets. Not only is its raw ingredient Copper rare, so is Clockwork Monkey, which is even rarer (it also has the very rare Spring). So don't make too many Copper Trumpets if you do lots of Skyship. Store lots of Copper Trumpets, in case the Skyship greedily asks for Copper Trumpet consecutive times.

However, it's different if you are not doing Skyship. You can earn lots of coins through lots of crafting Copper Trumpet and selling them. It'll cost at most 10 hours each, but it'd give you up to 1,705 Coin25px-DoF extra for selling off Copper Trumpet instead of one Copper and three Bamboos.

Obviously, to start crafting Copper Trumpet, one Workshop, at least one successful trip to the Wondermine that brings a Copper, and one Bog is required for making Copper Trumpets from scratch. Don't try to mass-produce unless wanting to make huge profits from Copper.


  • The Copper Trumpet is the first Crafting Item to contain Copper.
  • Due to Version 2.0.0, and the price increase of primary crafting items, Cough Syrup has a new selling price. It’s old price was 3,405 - 5,674 Coin25px-DoF.

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