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This page contains links to content that has not been released (either scrapped or not yet released), but which have been acknowledged and confirmed by BBB. Adding Leaks and Spoilers here is not allowed.

My Singing Monsters - Confirmed Content

This is for content that has either been confirmed or hinted towards to come in the future.

New MythicalsMythical Element.png

It was confirmed on the My Singing Monsters: The Board Game Kickstarter page that a total of 5 new Mythical Monsters are coming. These new Mythicals will each go to one of the following islands:

4 backers who have pledged for the Ultimate Creator Experience in the Kickstarter will each get to help with the making of 1 Mythical. The Kickstarter was in June 2021, and "estimated delivery" for their reward is in 2022 - which doesn't mean much, but it's a little clue on when these Mythicals might come out. However, considering the creators of these monsters will visit BBB's HQ to create them, bear in mind the production of these monsters probably won't start until all of the creators can safely travel overseas.

New Decorations and Costumes

On the same My Singing Monsters: The Board Game Kickstarter, a total of 14 backers who have pledged for the Creator Experience will get to help design either a new decoration or costume. There will also be a bonus decoration themed around the board game, to celebrate the kickstarter hitting $100k.

New Seasonals

BBB has confirmed new Seasonals coming to the Seasonal Shanty over the course of next year. It is hinted that Seasonal Shanty will have a total of 15 monsters once finished, with each monster having it's own element and a special time of the year to represent. All of the completely new seasonals will be bred with 2 Core Seasonals, as the Core Seasonals are sort of like "Single Elementals" of the island while the other seasonals are like "Double Elementals", in a similar way to Ethereal Island. Knowing this, all the possible combinations are:
Punkleton Portrait.pngPunkleton-egg.png + Yool Portrait.pngYool-egg.png Punkleton Spooktacle Element.png and Yool Yay Element.png - Gobbleygourd
Punkleton Portrait.pngPunkleton-egg.png + Schmoochle Portrait.pngSchmoochle-egg.png Punkleton Spooktacle Element.png and Schmoochle Love Element.png - Clavavera
Punkleton Portrait.pngPunkleton-egg.png + Blabbit Portrait.pngBlabbit-egg.png Punkleton Spooktacle Element.png and Blabbit Eggy Element.png
Punkleton Portrait.pngPunkleton-egg.png + Hoola Portrait.pngHoola-egg.png Punkleton Spooktacle Element.png and Hoola Summer Element.png - Jam Boree
Yool Portrait.pngYool-egg.png + Schmoochle Portrait.pngSchmoochle-egg.png Yool Yay Element.png and Schmoochle Love Element.png - Carillong
Yool Portrait.pngYool-egg.png + Blabbit Portrait.pngBlabbit-egg.png Yool Yay Element.png and Blabbit Eggy Element.png
Yool Portrait.pngYool-egg.png + Hoola Portrait.pngHoola-egg.png Yool Yay Element.png and Hoola Summer Element.png
Schmoochle Portrait.pngSchmoochle-egg.png + Blabbit Portrait.pngBlabbit-egg.png Schmoochle Love Element.png and Blabbit Eggy Element.png
Schmoochle Portrait.pngSchmoochle-egg.png + Hoola Portrait.pngHoola-egg.png Schmoochle Love Element.png and Hoola Summer Element.png
Blabbit Portrait.pngBlabbit-egg.png + Hoola Portrait.pngHoola-egg.png Blabbit Eggy Element.png and Hoola Summer Element.png

Based on the existing combos for the Non-Core Seasonals, it seems the combination of the new Seasonals will also be based on their Design (Clavavera) or when their Seasonal Event takes place(Gobbleygourd and Jam Boree).

About 1 year after their release each Seasonal Shanty exclusive Seasonal will also most likely go to another Island and get it's own Seasonal Event (Except for maybe Jam Boree, who could be exclusive to the Shanty and just have a Seasonal Event).

Big Blue Bubble has also stated that more Rare and Epic Seasonals (besides Rare Punkleton, Rare Yool, Rare Gobbleygourd, Epic Punkleton, Epic Yool and Epic Gobbleygourd) will be coming to Seasonal Shanty in their respective Seasonal Events.

Epic Wubbox on more Islands

Epic Wubbox will be added to Air Island, Water Island, and Earth Island in the future, as well as their Mirror forms, and Gold Island. It may also be added to Ethereal Island, though that will most likely be much later.

Missing Rares

The following Rare Monsters have yet to be released:

Missing Rares
Rare Fluoress
Light Element.png
Rare Floot Fly
Faerie Element.png
Rare Clackula
Bone Element.png
Rare Bulbo
Cold Element.pngLight Element.png
Rare Pluckbill
Fire Element.pngLight Element.png
Rare Bonkers
Plant Element.pngPsychic Element.png
Rare Poppette
Water Element.pngPsychic Element.png
Rare HippityHop
Earth ElementFaerie Element.png
Rare Squot
Cold Element.pngFaerie Element.png
Rare Peckidna
Earth ElementBone Element.png
Rare Denchuhs
Water Element.pngBone Element.png
Rare Hawlo
Fire Element.pngBone Element.png
Rare Xyster
Psychic Element.pngBone Element.png
Rare Cahoot
Psychic Element.pngLight Element.png
Rare Déjà-Jin
Psychic Element.pngFaerie Element.png
Rare Roarick
Bone Element.pngLight Element.png
Rare Osstax
Bone Element.pngFaerie Element.png
Rare Knucklehead
Light Element.pngFaerie Element.png
Rare Spytrap
Plant Element.pngCold Element.png
Light Element.png
Rare TooToo
Plant Element.pngFire Element.png
Light Element.png
Rare Fiddlement
Cold Element.pngFire Element.png
Light Element.png
Rare Tapricorn
Plant Element.pngWater Element.png
Psychic Element.png
Rare Rooba
Plant Element.pngFire Element.png
Psychic Element.png
Rare Periscorp
Water Element.pngFire Element.png
Psychic Element.png
Rare Cantorell
Earth ElementCold Element.png
Faerie Element.png
Rare Clavi Gnat
Cold Element.pngFire Element.png
Faerie Element.png
Rare Withur
Earth ElementWater Element.png
Bone Element.png
Rare Uuduk
Earth ElementFire Element.png
Bone Element.png
Rare G'day
Psychic Element.pngBone Element.png
Light Element.png
Rare Larvaluss
Psychic Element.pngBone Element.png
Faerie Element.png
Rare Frondley
Psychic Element.pngLight Element.png
Faerie Element.png
Rare Mushaboom
Bone Element.pngLight Element.png
Faerie Element.png
Rare Blow't
Plant Element.pngCold Element.png
Fire Element.pngLight Element.png
Rare Gloptic
Plant Element.pngWater Element.png
Fire Element.pngPsychic Element.png
Rare Pladdie
Earth ElementCold Element.png
Fire Element.pngFaerie Element.png
Rare Plinkajou
Earth ElementWater Element.png
Fire Element.pngBone Element.png
Rare Enchantling
Psychic Element.pngBone Element.png
Light Element.pngFaerie Element.png
Rare Clavavera
Beat Hereafter Element.png
Rare Jam Boree
Anniversary Month Element.png
Rare Carillong
Crescendo Moon Element.png

Missing Epics

The following Epic Monsters have yet to be released:

Missing Epics
Epic Glowl
Air Element.pngFire Element.png
Epic Flowah
Plant Element.pngFire Element.png
Epic Phangler
Water Element.pngFire Element.png
Epic Boskus
Cold Element.pngFire Element.png
Epic Barrb
Air Element.pngPlant Element.png
Fire Element.png
Epic Floogull
Air Element.pngEarth Element
Fire Element.png
Epic Woolabee
Air Element.pngCold Element.png
Fire Element.png
Epic Repatillo
Plant Element.pngEarth Element
Fire Element.png
Epic Wynq
Water Element.pngCold Element.png
Fire Element.png
Epic Rootitoot
Plant Element.pngWater Element.png
Fire Element.png
Epic Thrumble
Earth ElementWater Element.png
Fire Element.png
Epic Sooza
Plant Element.pngCold Element.png
Fire Element.png
Epic Sneyser
Air Element.pngWater Element.png
Cold Element.pngFire Element.png
Epic Grumpyre
Shadow Element.png
Epic Jeeode
Crystal Element.png
Epic Humbug
Poison Element.png
Epic Whisp
Plasma Element.pngShadow Element.png
Epic Nebulob
Plasma Element.pngMech Element.png
Epic Sox
Plasma Element.pngCrystal Element.png
Epic Jellbilly
Plasma Element.pngPoison Element.png
Epic Arackulele
Shadow Element.pngMech Element.png
Epic Boodoo
Shadow Element.pngCrystal Element.png
Epic Kazilleon
Shadow Element.pngPoison Element.png
Epic Bellowfish
Mech Element.pngCrystal Element.png
Epic Dragong
Mech Element.pngPoison Element.png
Epic Fung Pray
Crystal Element.pngPoison Element.png
Epic Clavavera
Beat Hereafter Element.png
Epic Jam Boree
Anniversary Month Element.png
Epic Carillong
Crescendo Moon Element.png

My Singing Monsters - Unreleased Content

My Singing Monsters is a relatively popular game, and usually big games have concepts that were removed, used as reference for other things, or were turned into other ideas.



An unused Quint (5 Element Monster ) with all five Natural elements. Had recording functionality which instead was used by the Recording Studio. Part of its design ended up reused for Rare Clamble.



A Monster initially meant to be the Quad-elemental for Water Island but replaced by Shellbeat. On an AMA it was described as "gangly, spherical head, pingpong paddle hands and splayed-toed".

Floot Fly (Pre-Faerie Island)


A Monster initially meant to be the Quad-elemental for Earth Island but replaced by Quarrister. Brought back on Faerie Island with a redesign.



A scrapped owl-like Monster from early development, replaced by Pango.


Lyriks (Werdos concept).png

Early concepts for Werdos, one for each element/island.

Unused Elements

Elements that were considered to be in game, but ended up being scrapped or replaced.

  • Generic Holiday Element(MSM Generic Holiday Element.png): An element that would probably have been used for Seasonals. It was partially redesigned for the Legendary element.
  • Fossil Element: An element that got replaced by Bone.
  • Aura Element: An element that got replaced by Light.
  • Spirit Element: An element that might have been replaced by Psychic.

Faerie Island as a Fire Island

On an AMA, it was said that the Magical Islands were originally going to be similar to the "islands that came before them". This hints they might have originally been more Fire Islands. Another thing that proves this is that in the files of update 2.3.5, (the update where Faerie Island released) files called "016_AC.bin" and "016_ACE.bin" can be found. ACE and AC are the codenames for PomPom and Cybop, while Faerie Island has the codename of "island16". This might mean that Faerie Island was originally a fire island with PomPom and Cybop, making the elements of the island be Air(Air Element.png), Earth(Earth Element),Cold(Cold Element.png) and Fire(Fire Element.png). If these elements didn't change, Krillby would have been introduced as the Quad Element of the island. These are all the monsters that the island would have had:

Tweedle Portrait.pngRare Tweedle Portrait.pngEpic Tweedle Portrait.png
TweedleAir Element.png
Noggin Portrait.pngRare Noggin Portrait.pngEpic Noggin Portrait.png
NogginEarth Element
Mammott Portrait.pngRare Mammott Portrait.pngEpic Mammott Portrait.png
MammottCold Element.png
Kayna Portrait.pngRare Kayna Portrait.pngEpic Kayna Portrait.png
KaynaFire Element.png
Cybop Portrait.pngRare Cybop Portrait.pngEpic Cybop Portrait.png
CybopAir Element.pngEarth Element
Pango Portrait.pngRare Pango Portrait.pngEpic Pango Portrait.png
PangoAir Element.pngCold Element.png
Glowl Portrait.pngRare Glowl Portrait.png
GlowlAir Element.pngFire Element.png
Drumpler Portrait.pngRare Drumpler Portrait.pngEpic Drumpler Portrait.png
DrumplerEarth ElementCold Element.png
Stogg Portrait.pngRare Stogg Portrait.pngEpic Stogg Portrait.png
StoggEarth ElementFire Element.png
Boskus Portrait.pngRare Boskus Portrait.png
BoskusCold Element.pngFire Element.png
PomPom Portrait.pngRare PomPom Portrait.pngEpic PomPom Portrait.png
PomPomAir Element.pngEarth ElementCold Element.png
Floogull Portrait.pngRare Floogull Portrait.png
FloogullAir Element.pngEarth ElementFire Element.png
Woolabee Portrait.pngRare Woolabee Portrait.png
WoolabeeAir Element.pngCold Element.pngFire Element.png
Ziggurab Portrait.pngRare Ziggurab Portrait.pngEpic Ziggurab Portrait.png
ZiggurabEarth ElementCold Element.pngFire Element.png
Adult Krillby Portrait.png
KrillbyAir Element.pngEarth ElementCold Element.pngFire Element.png

Dawn of Fire - Confirmed Content

Missing Monsters

The following Monsters have yet to release.

Missing Monsters












Missing Prismatics

The following Prismatic Monsters have yet to release.

Missing Prismatics
Prismatic Quibble


Prismatic Phangler


Prismatic Woolabee


Prismatic Pummel


Prismatic Rootitoot


Prismatic Wynq


Prismatic Tring


Prismatic Riff


Prismatic Flum Ox


Prismatic Sneyser


Prismatic Incisaur


Prismatic Tiawa


Prismatic Drummidary


Prismatic ???


Prismatic ???


Prismatic ???


Prismatic ???


Prismatic ???


Prismatic ???


Dawn of Fire - Unreleased Content

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, which came after the original game, has an overall higher resolution than the original game, which resulted in it being harder to create. In the development of DoF, concepts were removed, used as reference for other things, or were turned into other ideas.

Unused Crystals

Crystal Polished Carved About
Pyrozite Pyrocite Crystal.png Polished Pyrozite Crystal.png Carved Pyrozite Crystal.png An unused Crystal meant for the scrapped Fire Lands.
Nebulox Nebulox Crystal.png Polished Nebulox Crystal.png Carved Nebulox Crystal.png An unused Crystal that would have been found in Space Island
Aurorium Aurorium Crystal.png Polished Aurorium Crystal.png Carved Aurorium Crystal.png An unused Crystal that would have been found in Cloud Island
Quarritz Quarritz Crystal.png Polished Quarritz Crystal.png Carved Quarritz Crystal.png An unused Crystal that would have been found in Cave Island
Krystillium Krystillium Crystal.png Polished Krystillium Crystal.png Carved Krystillium Crystal.png An unused Crystal with an unknown purpose.
It resembles the Pyrozite Crystal but blue.

These crystals could be reused in the original My Singing Monsters as castle upgrades for the Fire Islands, the Magical Islands or perhaps even Ethereal Island, as it was confirmed Krystillium is the crystal of the Pocket Dimension.

Candelavra's Original Elements

Candelavra was originally going to have the elements of Air(AirElementDoF.png), Plant(PlantElementDoF.png), Earth(EarthElementDoF.png) and Fire(FireElementDoF.png). These elements later became Tring's and given the water element. This might explain why Fire Haven looks the way it does (having many candles), since Candelavra would have appeared on the island if it's elements had not changed.

Wishing Well


An unused Utility or Production Structure for the Water Lands, Which was later implemented into the design of Mirror Water Island.




An unused Utility or Production Structure for the Earth Lands used to split crafted items into their base materials.

Knucklehead in Dawn of Fire (Cubehands)

On a My Singing Monsters AMA it was confirmed Knucklehead was originally going to be a Dawn of Fire monster. It's possible that this monster was later turned into Drummidary.

Concept art of Knucklehead made in 2014, when it was planned to appear in DoF.



A scrapped Monster replaced by Bisonorus.

Composer - Confirmed Content


It has been hinted by the Monster Handlers that the Seasonals will come to Composer at some time. There are also Composer sounds for the Seasonals heard in The Colossingum.