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The "Community Codes" button was found in the Options menu

A Community Code was a type of code that gave a reward of currency when it was entered in the game, first introduced in Version 1.4.2 and lasting until Version 2.0.2. They were only available in MSM. Community Codes appeared in the MSM Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social media sites, and from there are shared between players. Every community code expired after a few days. The whole Community Code scheme was told to be discontinued after 4th November 2016.

The letters of a code were entered either all in upper case or all in lower case.  The codes were "case sensitive" only in that they couldn't be entered as a combination of upper and lower case.

To claim a community code, you had to go to Options --> Community Codes. Then you could've entered a community code to get some free currency, including keys.

On November 7th, 2016, at about 12 PM EST, version 2.0.2 was released and with it was the official removal of the community code option.


Obtaining comcode

Obtaining the very last Community Code

Rewards from each Community Code granted only one type of currency. They usually provided from 5 to 10 diamonds, 3,000 to 10,000 food, 3,000 to 10,000 coins, or 1 key.  However, sometimes the rewards of diamonds were greater, such as 20 diamonds from some of the Community Codes from the Anniversary Month Trivia Challenge answers videos or 25 diamonds from the Halloween 2016 Community Code. One exception to the fact about one currency per community code is that the very last Community Code, "GOOUTONAHINOTE", provided 3 keys and 50 diamonds.

Do note that a Community Code could only be used once per account, and that Community Codes expired after between 1 day and 7 days of their release.

Previous Community Codes

The following Community Codes don't work any more. (Please reorder from latest to earliest)



Why Community Codes have been removed

Official comment showing why discontinued

  • There is a note of discontinuation that had been posted at 4 November 2016. Link.
  • Community Codes are being discontinued so that "My Singing Monsters complies with the rules and guidelines of various app stores the game is available on".
  • In compensation of the discontinuation of Community Codes, Version 2.0.2 was released, thus allowing Keys to be sent once per week, rather than once per month in other versions.
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