Colossals are the giant creatures that each Island is on top of. They each have a different appearance based on what Island they are. They each have a unique Critter that lives on/near them. Each of them responds to the main element or types of monster that live there.


  • Most of the Colossals have their eyes closed permanently, with the Composer Island Colossal opening its eyes occasionally.
  • Fire Haven's Colossal and Fire Oasis’ Colossal are the only Colossals with one eye, while Ethereal Island's is the only island to have more than two eyes, having six.
  • When the Continent begun to break apart, the Colossals bound their spirits to the lands, forming the Natural Islands and Fire Haven.
  • Mirror Island Colossals have a different appearance, they have purple goo and other ethereal products strewn all around them.
  • It is unknown what the bodies of the colossals look like, as all is seen is their heads (except Fire Haven, who has its hands visible as well.)
  • Fire Oasis is the only artificially made colossal.
  • Unlike Titans, Colossals do not have names.
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