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Coins (Coins) are one of the main resources in My Singing Monsters (Original Game), and are used to:


The Monsters themselves are the main source of Coins. Monsters placed on most islands earn Coins in proportion to their number of elements, level, and happiness. In order to earn Coins, the monster must be visible on the island (i.e., not inside of a Hotel), but they can be muted (sleeping).  A monster can earn coins up to a maximum number which is proportional to its level but is not affected by its happiness.  When the monster's coin count reaches 75% of its maximum, a balloon with a coin icon appears over the monster, as a hint to the player to collect the coins. See individual monsters' pages for specific earning rates and coin limits.

Coins may be also purchased with actual money in the Market, or Diamonds can be exchanged for Coins.

Monsters can be sold for Coins, except on Gold Island (where there is no market), Tribal Island (where the monsters can only be taken away, not sold), Ethereal Island and Magical Sanctum(where they can be sold for Shards instead), and Amber Island (where Monsters are sold for Relics). A monster can be sold at the time it is ready to hatch and be placed on the island, or any time after it has been placed. A monster's price is constant, and does not change with the monster's level. See individual monster pages for specific sale prices.

Almost all Decorations and most Structures can be sold back at any time after they have been placed on an island. The sell-back rate is three quarters of the purchase price. There is no depreciation on older items.

Some of the Goals give rewards of coins, which vary with the difficulty of the Goal. Currently the largest Coin reward is 20 million coins for the goal of buying and placing a Tub Fountain.

The daily Spin Wheel available from the Castle has Coin prizes of various amounts. The most common award is around 100 coins, as it may scale up according to the player's Experience.

Although typically any amount of coins above 1,999,999,999 is displayed as 1,999,999,999, it is still handled normally. The maximum limit is not known, however it is greater than 2,147,483,647, the 32-bit maximum.

Before 2.0.0, the icon used to be a golden coin with the cent symbol on it,(Coins) but it is now a golden coin with a My Singing Monsters font "M" on it. (Coins).

Maximum Amount

1,999,999,999 is typically the highest amount the game will display on screen, but you can have much more. It is possible to open a support ticket to ask BBB for your current amount.

Having maxed out your coins mutes the sound of collecting coins from monsters.


For most of the early game, the best source of Coins are Quad Element Monsters, since they have both a high earning rate and a high maximum (so you don't need to collect as often).

The highest rate of earning possible is gained from a combination of Epic Wubbox and Werdos.

In-App Purchases

Main article: Market#In-App Purchases (IAP)
Name of Package Contents Price (USD)
Coin Purse.png
Coin Purse
500,000  Coins $0.99
Piggy Bank.png
Piggy Bank
1,200,000 Coins $1.99
Crate of Coins.png
Crate of Coins
3,000,000  Coins $4.99
Drum of Dough.png
Drum of Dough
7,000,000  Coins $9.99
Kegs of Cash.png
Kegs of Cash
20,000,000 Coins $24.99
Boatload of Money.png
Boatload of Money
45,000,000  Coins $49.99
Carousel of Coinage.png
Carousel of Coinage
102,500,000 Coins $99.99


  • There are three known cases (1 2 3) where the displayed amount was 2,000,000,000 exactly, exceeding the usual limit of 1,999,999,999. In both cases the player bought/sold many Tub Fountains, but the exact cause of getting the 2,000,000,000 display is unknown.