Many players face a point in the early game where everything is too expensive (particularly the cost of upgrading castles, and buying Islands). It is recommended not to spend real life money (or Diamonds) to get more coins, as Diamonds will quickly become much more important (and limited).

Eventually, players will get enough coin production to easily buy everything that can be bought with coins, but a high coin production is still useful for getting Player experience and baking Treats for high level monsters.


This is by far the most common method and useful method for getting coins early on.

Simply fill all Islands with Quads (four element monsters), and put other Monsters in the hotels to make room when necessary.

While Triples can have as high or even higher coin generation, Quads have a much higher maximum, requiring collecting much less often.

Rare Quads and Epic Quads produce even more Coins.

Note: On some Islands, other Monsters - notably Ethereals - may be more efficient, depending on your coin collection schedule.

Level in parallel

Leveling up your Monsters makes them earn Coins faster and increases the maximum number of Coins they can hold, but each level requires a disproportionately higher amount of Treats, which cost 10 times as many Coins to produce in the Bakery in the first place.

Instead of leveling up 1 Monster very high, level up 2 Monsters or more to a lower level.


Cost/benefit for numbers of Entbrats
Entbrats Level Coins/minute Treats required Break-even after
1 20 332 10,705,860 ~224 days
2 9 344
(2 x 172)
(2 x 15,300)
~14 hours,
50 minutes
4 5 384
(4 x 96)
(4 x 900)
~1 hour,
33 minutes

So having 4 Entbrats at a lower level costs significantly less, and end up producing more Coins/minute than a single Entbrat at the highest level.

Get your Monsters 100% Happy

100% happiness = twice the Coins/minute vs 0%.

Magic/Fire-Triple Farm

On any Island with the Fire element and/or a Magical element; after unlocking two triples with Fire or Magical element, you can use this strategy. Simply keep breeding triple + triple (or triple + quad), each will sell for 1,000,000 Coins 2.0.

Magical triples (regardless if they have the fire element) is slightly better for this, since they have the same selling price but shorter breeding time (16 hours vs 20 hours with un-enhanced Breeder/Nursery).

You can also breed the Triple with a Single (with the shortest breeding time: like Noggin or Toe Jammer) that share their element, and either get the triple or try again almost instantly.

Zynth Farming

Since August 2017, you can have mutiple Wublins of any type. Thus, Zynth Farming is possible as of that time.

The reason why Zynths is used is because it has the smallest size (2x2, shared with Thok) and is very easy to fill. You can fit up to 109 Zynths on Wublin Island.

While Zynth farming mostly is used for Diamond (Diamond25px) and Shard (Shard), it also generates coins 31% of the time. Be sure to collect every 12 hours to refresh more Zynth collections.

Dipster Farming

Dipsters only have a 1x1 footprint and do not take up any beds, potentially allowing the player to amass tons of dipsters, especially on plant island, due to dipsters being the cheapest there. If the player adds enough friends on the Friend Codes page, they can get an an army of dipsters at almost no downside. Feeding the dipsters is not recommended until the player has practically infinite treats (Food 2.0). Note that the player can also put dipsters on Ethereal Island as the earliest way to get shards (Shard). Coin production aside, there no reason for any player not to Dipster Farm, other then running out of island space.

Wubbox Sales

During sales events, Wubbox are often discounted 50% or more. This means you can buy them for 37,500,000Coins 2.0. When the sale event is over, the Wubbox goes back to its original price of instead of 75,000,000Coins 2.0, and so does it selling price to 56,250,000Coins 2.0. As this selling price is greater than the initial purchase price, you profit 18,750,000Coins 2.0 (or more if the discount is greater).

By purchasing one or more (using Epic Mammott, Epic Pango, and/or Epic Cybop Likes screen) on each Natural Island, you can easily profit from 20 Wubbox purchases/sales up to 375,000,000Coins 2.0 or more. This does require an initial investment of 750,000,000 Coins.

Wubbox sales also apply to Ethereal Island, allowing a profit of 37,500Shard or more depending on the sale.

Methods to avoid

Breeding and selling the Shugafam on Shugabush Island is possible, but it yields a measly 100,000 coins per two days. (abut 50,000Coins 2.0 per day)

It is not recommended to convert Relics to coins, as Werdos has the 2nd greatest coin generation in the game. Save relics to buy the Werdos, and then use them for their coin income rather than to sell them.

By buying Rare Wubboxes for 1Starpower 2.0 and selling them unpowered for 38,352Coins 2.0, you can get money for (almost) free. As this is only available at level 20, it is of limited use as by then you should have a coin generation that is too high for this to matter.

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