This is the main article for Classes. For the category, see Category:Classes.Monsters are sometimes organized in Classes, which group together monsters that share similar fundamental characteristics. For example:
  • Breeding: Monsters of the same class usually can only breed with each other, if at all;
  • Islands: Some islands can, either only or mostly, house members of a certain class;
  • Currency: Usually, Members of the same class produce the same types of Currency.

The characteristics that define a class are not completely rigid. For example, if a monster moves to a different island via Teleportation, the currency it produces could change and it may become able to breed with monsters of other classes.

Monsters of different classes may also have different life cycles. Most Monsters go from egg, to baby, to adult (with baby monsters only seen in Dawn of Fire), but some classes do not follow this pattern. For example, Supernatural Monsters go from Inactive to Active, Celestials in My Singing Monsters go from Dormant to Reborn, and Glowbes, Dipsters and Celestials (in DoF) have only one stage.

List of Classes

There are ten official classes in My Singing Monsters as of 2.0.8. For specific information on the behavior of classes, see Monster Elements, or the pages of each class.


Contains the basic monsters of My Singing Monsters. Manifested mainly on the Elements of Earth, Cold, Water, Plant, and Air, and on the Natural Islands.


The Fire Class is manifested by the element of Fire. Fire Monsters used to be part of the Natural class, but this belief was challenged on March 24, 2020.


The Ethereal Class consists of the Ethereal and Rarethereal Monsters, which cannot breed anywhere except on Ethereal Island. Manifested on the PlasmaMechShadowCrystal, and Poison Elements.


Contains monsters that can only be bred on Special Occasions. Each Natural Island can harbor at least one species of seasonal monsters. Seasonal elements are mentioned in the News, but apparently don't exist in-game.


Contains the Legendary Monsters, aka the Shugafam. It is manifested on the Legendary Element and on Shugabush Island. All Legendary Monsters but the Shugabush can only be bred at said island.

Legendary (Werdo)

Contains the Werdos, the only known monsters that sing in full, clear English. They are the only monsters purchaseable with Relics. Unlike other Legendary Monsters, Werdos can't be bred at all.


They are group of 12 monsters that originate from Dawn of Fire. In said game, they inhabit Starhenge and are all obtained from the Daily Login Game or by purchasing them for 1,250 Diamond25px. According to in-game lore, each of the Celestials is connected to a certain Natural, Ethereal or Supernatural element, even though they only have the unique "Celestial" Element.

The Celestial monsters reappear in the original game as well. Unlike other monsters, (with the exception of Wublins) they need to be "reborn" in this game in order to sing and produce currency. This can be done by breeding eggs from monsters on the five Natural Islands, plus Fire Haven and Shugabush Island, and zapping them to Celestial Island.


The Spectral Class contains Glowbes, which are unlike any other monster. They do not sing nor produce currency, among other things. Glowbes come in virtually unlimited colors, which, in a way, makes Spectral the largest class in the entire franchise.


The Supernatural Class only contains monsters with the element of Electricity, and is associated with Wublins and Wublin Island, as well as the Wubbox. Similar to Celestials in My Singing Monsters, they need to "wake up" using other monsters or their eggs in order to sing and produce currency.


Dipsters are small monsters named after musical notes.They are the only monsters purchasable with Keys, and, unlike other monsters, do not occupy any beds in the Castle. They all have the "Dipster" element, and cannot breed nor be bred.


Mythical monsters were once exclusive to the PS Vita version of the game, but Big Blue Bubble's contract with that company has since expired, and they were introduced into other consoles in Version 2.3.2.


Contains monsters with the Psychic, Faerie, and Bone elements. Introduced on September 25, 2019, with the change of Fire Frontier to Psychic Island.


The Rare Class is a little different than the other classes (aside from the Epic Class). This class contains Rare Monsters, which are variants of other monsters that have a modified appearance. They have higher earning rates than their common cousins, but they make the same sounds as their normal counterparts (excluding the Rare Wubbox).


This class contains Epic Monsters, which are variants of other monsters that have a modified appearance. They have much higher earning rates than their Common and Rare counterparts, but they make the same sounds as both counterparts. They also cannot breed with any monster, similar to the Dipster Class.


  • Because only the Natural and Celestial classes appear in Dawn of Fire, it is unknown if the other classes (excluding Supernatural Class) go through a "baby" form, as well.
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