Yum! Hewn from the Love Rocks of Air Island, this contraption has an elaborate mechanism for pumping liquid chokkolit to the top, which then flows down the sides for sweet-toothed Monsters to sample.


The Chokkolit Fountain looks like a chocolate fountain.


Chokkolit Fountain is a Seasonal Decoration, only available for purchase during Season of Love . Any that are bought will remain after the season ends.

Monsters who Like it

The following monsters will have their happiness increased by 25% when near one of these.

Monster Island(s)
Epic Schmoochle
Epic Schmoochle

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  • At a glance, the base of the Chokkolit Fountain resembles a Companion Cube.
  • The item's name is a play on 'Chocolate Fountain'.



Market Happiness Likes
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