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Celestials are a class of monster, first appearing in the 1.7.0 update for Dawn Of Fire. There are 12 species of them in total, since each one is available for each month of the Gregorian Calendar.


Celestials have a special place in the game's lore, as they are considered the first monsters to ever exist. Each Celestial brought a certain Element to the world, and then returned to the stars.

Celestials cannot breed nor be bred. However, they can be summoned to Starhenge, a unique Island that serves as the connection between the stars and the Monster World.

Every Celestial is related to a fictional constellation which shows which Element they brought to the monster world, and to a "Celestial Fortune" associated with that constellation. See the Starhenge page for details.

List of Celestials

Monster Actual Element Month Associated Element Constellation
Hornacle (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png January WaterElementDoF.png Ocean's Tears.png
Ocean's Tears
Furnoss (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png February FireElementDoF.png Core Aflame.png
Core Aflame
Glaishur (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png March ColdElementDoF.png Frozen Form.png
Frozen Form
Blasoom (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png April PlantElementDoF.png Growing Green.png
Growing Green
Syncopite (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png May Crystal Element.png Crystalline Crop.png
Crystalline Crop
Vhamp (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png June Mech Element.png Mettle Gears.png
Mettle Gears
Galvana (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png July Supernatural Element.png Immortal Jolt.png
Immortal Jolt
Scaratar (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png August Poison Element.png Poison's Mark.png
Poison's Mark
Loodvigg (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png September Shadow Element.png Shadowed Glare.png
Shadowed Glare
Torrt (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png October EarthElementDoF.png Earthen Ellipse.png
Earthen Ellipse
Plixie (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png November Plasma Element.png Plasmic Ooze.png
Plasmic Ooze
Attmoz (Adult).png
Celestial Element DoF.png December AirElementDoF.png Weathered Winds.png
Weathered Winds


In order to get a Celestial, you have to complete the Daily Login Game within the whole-monthly time limit, or purchase one for 1,250 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) each, provided that they are available.

The Daily Login game works as follows: the egg of every Celestial follows a path that represents its associated constellation. However, to make the egg advance, you must roll dice, which are won daily or purchased with diamonds.

Note that it costs 25 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) to purchase a roll of the Celestial dice, so 1,250 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) would purchase 50 rolls.  With average luck, that would generate 55 or 56 steps around the star map... more than enough to yield two Celestial eggs. Hence buying a Celestial at the Shop is not very cost-effective!


  • In Big Blue Bubble's 2018 Extra Life livestream, it was revealed that Celestials have the "elemental powers themselves" unlike their Natural counterparts. They are able to harness the power of their elements individually.
  • In 2016, the Scaratar, the first Celestial to be released, was available for 35 days, instead of 30.
  • The July Celestial, Galvana, could be seen in 1.10.0, but it was removed in 1.10.1. In 1.12.0, however, players could see its silhouette.
    • Almost a week before its release, all information regarding Galvana, (its name, constellation, appearance, description, etc), except its song, was intentionally leaked by BBB in the My Singing Monsters Official Guide
  • The elements that are represented by a Celestial have their symbols engraved on Starhenge itself. There is a 13th symbol floating around the Island, but it may not have a meaning.
  • Even though only the Natural and Celestial monster Classes are available in Dawn of Fire as of 1.11.0, there still exists a Celestial for each element of the Ethereal Class, and one for the Supernatural Class.
  • The first (and currently only) time when Celestials were released out of season is when all Celestials were available for purchase at full price from September 29th 2017 to October 2nd 2017.
  • Scaratar used to appear on the island's map icon by itself, likely because It was the first ( and only ) Celestial released at the time, thus Big Blue Bubble didn’t want to spoil anything.
  • Celestials are the only Dawn of Fire monsters that don't have baby forms in this game, but their baby forms are present in My Singing Monsters.
  • Celestials are the first monsters that appeared in DoF before appearing in MSM.
  • On the 1.7.0 update, the loading screen shows shadows of some Celestials. The known ones (Loodvig and Scaratar) were already released, meanwhile Atmozz, Torrt, Plixie and Hornacle were not in the game yet.

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