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Single Element Monsters are Monsters with only one element that can be from any class in the game. They are the first monsters encountered in the game. They are available for purchase from the market and are the lowest priced monsters. Most other Monsters build from Single Element ones.

The simplest and least time consuming method to get a Common Single Element Monster is to buy it from the Market. However, in certain situations, the more advanced player may want to breed one.

  • Rare Single Element Monsters in the Natural, Fire, or Magical classes are bred with two Triple Element Monsters that share the same element. For example Bowgart and Congle could result in Rare Mammott because they both share the Cold element.
  • Breeding a Single Element Monster with another Monster that contains its element will have a 100% chance in producing the Single Element Monster, which may be useful for Zapping Eggs into Wublins, Celestials, or Vessels.

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