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This article is about the Islands of My Singing Monsters. For the Islands of My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, see Islands (Dawn of Fire).

Islands are the places in which monsters are located. There are currently a total of sixteen islands: eleven of which are unique and five that are almost identical copies of other islands. Each island has a unique song that is produced by the monsters who live there and work together. Most islands will be covered with Obstacles, or trees and rocks, that need to be cleared in order to make more space. These trees and rocks will cost Coins (Coins 2.0) to be removed and Diamonds (Diamond25px) to be added back to the island. As a special note, if the camera is zoomed all the way out from an island, a face can be seen on the front of it.

The player first begins on Plant Island, as it is the only island unlocked at the start. To navigate between the other islands, the Map (Map Icon) is used, which is unlocked when Cold Island is bought. Buying Cold Island also frees the restriction on Gold Island, Ethereal Island, and Fire Haven. When Air Island is purchased, Shugabush Island becomes available. All Natural Islands, that is, those that manifest the elements of Plant (PlantElementNew), Cold (ColdElementNew), Air (AirElementNew), Water (WaterElementNew), and Earth (EarthElementNew), must be purchased in order after the player begins on Plant Island and the player must be at least level 4 in order to purchase them. The level 4 requirement also extends to Gold Island, Ethereal Island, Shugabush Island, and Fire Haven. Tribal Island and Wublin Island are unlocked for free at level 10 and level 13 respectively, while the Mirror Islands become available for purchase at level 20. Composer Island is unlocked for free at level 7.

Market and Map Image Island Cost
Plant island Plant Island Free / Starter
Cold island Cold Island 200,000 Coins 2.0,
Reach Level 6
Air island Air Island 750,000 Coins 2.0,
Reach Level 6
Water Island Water Island 1,500,000 Coins 2.0,
Reach Level 6
Earth Island Earth Island 7,500,000 Coins 2.0,
Reach Level 6
Gold Island Gold Island Free, Reach Level 6
EtherealIsland Ethereal Island Free, Reach Level 6
Shugabush Island Button Shugabush Island Free, Buy Air Island, Reach Level 6
Tribal Island Tribal Island Free, Reach Level 6
WublinIsland Wublin Island Free, Reach Level 13
Celestial Island Button Celestial Island Free, Reach Level 15
Fire Haven Fire Haven 750,000 Coins 2.0,
Reach Level 9
Mirror-Islands Mirror Islands 100 Diamond25px,
200 Diamond25px,
300 Diamond25px,
400 Diamond25px,
500 Diamond25px, Reach Level 20
ComposerIslandImage Composer Island Free, Reach Level 7, Subsequent songs can be purchased with Diamond25px


  • The Gold Island can only house duplicates of monsters which have achieved level 15 on the natural islands, which are then placed on the Gold Island.
  • The completed song of most islands may be bought in the Market.
  • Every island has a face-like area in its front part. This is because the game's lore treats them as ancient monsters, named "Colossals".
  • Every Natural Island is missing one of the five natural elements. A monster cannot exist on any island which is missing any of the monster's elements.
  • Some monsters need to be Teleported to certain islands in order to live there:
  • The map and All Islands except Wublin Island, Celestial Island, Fire Haven, Mirror Islands, and Composer Island are unlocked at level 6.


Plant island Cold island Air island Water Island Earth Island
Plant Island Cold Island Air Island Water Island Earth Island
Fire Haven Shugabush Island Button EtherealIsland WublinIsland Celestial Island Button
Fire Haven Shugabush Island Ethereal Island Wublin Island Celestial Island
Tribal Island ComposerIslandImage Gold Island Mirror-Islands
Tribal Island Composer Island Gold Island Mirror Islands

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