Ethereal is a special class of monsters in My Singing Monsters, rather than a specific element. It is manifested in multiple monsters across multiple islands.

These monsters are unlike the normal monsters: they are very difficult to breed, have their own island, and can produce Shards, which are much more valuable than the Coins produced by most other monsters.

There are currently five known ethereal elements:

Plasma Element
Mech Element
Plasma Shadow Mech Crystal Poison


The single-element Ethereal Monsters are bred on the Natural Islands - each island has its Ethereal - but they cannot breed nor produce shards while there. They only show their full abilities if they are teleported to their home world, Ethereal Island, after being fed to Level 15.

Each single-element Ethereal is bred by using a Quad-element Monster and a Triple Element Monster. There is a very low chance of success. More than 90% of the time, the breeding result will be a Triple Element Monster of the same time as the parent.

Double-element Ethereals are only breedable in Ethereal Island, with no guarantee of success, even when using two single-element parents.

List of Monsters

Monsters associated with the Ethereal Elements include:

Rarethereal Monsters

Each Ethereal Monster has a Rarethereal based upon it: they have the same special properties as other Ethereals, but look different, are even harder to breed, and are able to produce more coins/shards than their counterparts. For more information, please see their page.


  • Each of the Mirror Islands is associated with a specific Ethereal Element:
    • Mirror Plant Island - Plasma
    • Mirror Cold Island - Shadow
    • Miror Air Island - Mech
    • Mirror Water Island - Crystal
    • Mirror Earth Island - Poison
  • The first ethereal monster to be released was the Ghazt. The last new ethereal monster, excluding Rarethereals, was the Fung Pray.
  • Ethereal Monsters were the first monsters in My Singing Monsters to be able to be teleported.
  • Ethereal is the only class of monsters besides Natural that has multi-element monsters. All other monsters either have one element or none.

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