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Carved Stonyx Crystal is the last Carved Crystal to be unlocked. Its market price is 69,000 - 115,000 Coin25px-DoF. It is unlocked at Level 41.


The Crafting Item Carved Stonyx Crystal is a black ring with an ebony-like ring base and a dimpled notched black "gem".


As Carved Stonyx Crystals, they cannot be further refined. However, they can be used for upgrading Production Structures (excluding Wondermine) and the Vault.


Carved Stonyx Crystal can be crafted using 10 Polished Stonyx Crystals, and 2 Tires in the Jeweler.

Skyship requirements

As crystals, Carved Stonyx Crystal is not required in any Skyship orders whatsoever.


The regular Stonyx Crystals appear at the same rate as the other crystals -- one every 5 minutes -- but because not more than 2 will remain on the Earth Lands, you will need to collect them frequently.  Once you have the regular crystals, the process for crafting them into polished crystals, and crafting those into the carved crystal, is the same as for the rest.  Because the carved crystal requires 2 Tires, which take a while to extract from the Swamp, you should plan ahead.



Spunge shows Carved Stonyx Crystal to Dandidoo


Selling of 10 Carved Stonyx as of Version 2.3.0

  • This is the most expensive crafting item.
  • Although the most expensive crafting item, it does not have a big crafting time, unlike Vitamin Pill.
  • Carved Stonyx Crystal makes appearance in a Facebook post where Spunge shows a Carved Stonyx Crystal on a Pillow towards Dandidoo.
  • Before Version 2.0.0, the Carved Stonyx Crystal was 12,810 - 21,350 Coin25px-DoF.
  • Before Version 2.3.0, where all Crafting Items had their Market prices increased by 5x, the Carved Stonyx Crystal was ~13,800 - ~23,000 Coin25px-DoF.

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