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Carved Skylite Crystal is the third Carved Crystal to be unlocked. Its market price is 8,562 - 14,270 Coin25px-DoF. It is unlocked at Level 19.


The Crafting Item Carved Skylite Crystal is a sugar-white crown with a thin headband, a three-curved front, of which the middle curved front is largest. In the middle of the central curved front is a Polished Skylite Crystal.


As Carved Skylite Crystals, they cannot be further refined. However, they may still have their uses for upgrading Production Structures (excluding Wondermine) and the Vault.


The Carved Skylite Crystal is crafted from ten Polished Skylite Crystals and three Sugars.

Skyship requirements

As crystals, Carved Skylite Crystal is not required in any Skyship orders whatsoever.


A way to theoretically make 5 a day is to collect your Skylite Crystals every 5 minutes, as this is how often they spawn. This equals to 288 Skylite Crystals per day. While collecting these crystals. Stock up your Fruit Tree with Lemons, your Gardens with Sugar Cane and use it to make Sugar. This will give you enough resources to make 5 per day. However, due to the time it takes to make the Carved Crystals along with the polished versions, it may take longer.

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