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Dawn of Fire

Baby Bio:

The prestige of being imbued with five Elements makes the Candelavra youngling prone to self-engrossment. It is anxious to share its talents with other Monsters, who good-naturedly tolerate the Candelavra's brazen vocal displays. However, it's important for this Quint-Element to learn the age-old adage that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

Adult Bio:

Its youthful vanity a thing of the past, the mature Candelavra is a wonderful role model for monsters just about any elemental affiliation. It is a source of great inspiration, and selflessly devotes its time to lifting the spirits and song of its fellow performers. So long as its flame burns bright, hope can never be extinguished in the Monster World.

Prismatic Bio:

This Candelavra returned from the Prism Gate forever changed! instead of its typical Fire-centric appearance, it has altered at the molecular level to exhibit Water-based phenotypes like curious shells and copious tentacles - extraordinary!


The Candelavra was the first-ever 5-Element monster in the whole franchise and is found exclusively to Dawn of Fire. It was first released in Update 1.7.0 on July 23rd, 2016, along with the Entbrat and Scaratar.

It resembles a red candle with one bird foot (Air), long, apricot arms (Plant), and a floating flame for a head (Fire), with a blue water shaped "fire gem" on its forehead (Earth and Water). It also has frills on its shoulders, making it look like it is wearing a one-piece. Also, it appears to have a stub where its neck would be, which it loses as an adult.

As an adult, its hands are set on fire and become white-hot, it becomes taller, is more purplish on its wrists, has more defined hips, its body becomes orange instead of red, its arms become red and blue, and looks overall more magnificent.

Prismatic Variants

In general, as their descriptions suggest, the Prismatic Candelavras appear to be heavily aquatic-themed. Their floating heads are replaced with various different shells. Coral grows on their shoulders and torsos while their arms and waists seem to be strewn with colored seaweed. Their once three-toed leg is replaced with seven visible suction-cupped tentacles, similar to many aquatic cephalopods.

  • Red: ...
  • Orange: ...
  • Yellow: ...
  • Green: ...
  • Blue: ...
  • Purple: ...


Voice actor: Sarah Parsons (modified sample)

Instrument: Synth Choir

VST: Kontakt Factory

The Candelavra sings by sustaining magical-sounding "ooh" sounds. In Continent, it sings near the end of the song.

In Space Island, it sings more magically and sings in a human soprano voice.

But in all the islands, The Candelavra sings in a heavenly voice.


The Candelavra can be bred with the elements Fire, Earth, Water, Plant, and Air. It can be bred with the following combinations:

Feeding Monsters

The Candelavra will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


During limited time events when Prism Gate is open and Candelavra is available for transformation on Outer Islands, an adult Candelavra can be transformed into one of six different colored variants.

Color Base
Red Prismatic Candelavra.png Red 15% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 22:00
Orange Prismatic Candelavra.png Orange 8% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 23:00
Yellow Prismatic Candelavra.png Yellow 2% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 24:00
Green Prismatic Candelavra.png Green 30% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 18:00
Blue Prismatic Candelavra.png Blue 25% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 19:00
Purple Prismatic Candelavra.png Purple 20% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 20:00


The Candelavra takes 80 hours to teleport to Space Island, and 5 minutes to teleport to Party Island

Name Origin

'Candelavra' seems to be a portmanteau of 'candelabra' and 'lava'.


  • Candelavra is the very first 5 element ever seen in the My Singing Monsters universe.
  • Candelavra was the only quint-element monster known until Version 1.14.0, which introduced the second Quint Element Drummidary.
  • Originally, Candelavra was going to have Tring’s elements until its elements were changed and it was made a quint element.
  • Candelavra's Adult bio leads to some unanswered questions, as seen the adult bio: "So long as its flame burns bright, hope can never be extinguished in the Monster World".
  • There is a Facebook link on Candelavra prototypes. Apparently, some of the prototypes appeared to look similar to the Opera Singer from the movie "The Fifth Element", a nod to the fact that it has five elements. Link
  • One of the Candelavra's default names, "Chandler", means "candle maker".
  • In the code, Candelavra is called "Fireboss". This is likely due to it originally being a quad, which are also referred to as bosses. Its possible Candelavra was the first fire quad designed.
    • This is likely what inspired Candelavra to be called the "Top Boss" of the Fire Element in it's description on Amber Island.
  • Candelavra is the only quint-element monster that can go to multiple Outer Islands.
  • Overall, it is one of the tallest monster in the My Singing Monsters franchise next to Wubbox.
    • Coincidently, both it and Wubbox are also the only monsters with a floating head.
  • Candelavra generates flames similar to the effects of Kayna, Sneyser, and the Bakery and Candy Factory while producing crafting items, but only in its adult form.
  • During the first release of Prismatic Candelavra, it was available for a total of 19 days, from December 17th 2020 to January 4th 2021. It is also the first Prismatic Monster whose first availability time spans between two years.
  • Candelavra resembles the Fire element.
  • Orange, Yellow, and Purple Prismatic Candelavra have the longest name out of any monster.
  • For some reason, on Party Island, Purple Prismatic Candelavra's shoulders change color.
  • Red Prismatic Candelavra'a head looks similar to an Ammonice.
  • With the release of PongPing, the young Candelavra's idle animation is much slower than the Continent's usual BPM. This is likely a bug and will get fixed soon.
    • Candelavra also started playing its Space Island singing animation on Party Island with the release of PongPing.
  • Candelavra has every possible breeding combination when Bisonorus came out.

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