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This article is about the Structure, for the game mechanic, see Breeding. For combinations for individual Monsters, see Breeding Combinations.
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My Singing Monsters

This peculiar structure has been in use since the golden age of the Monster World, and little has changed since that time. Once it is old enough, a Monster can spontaneously produce an egg containing all of its genetic and elemental information, which is then placed onto one of the 'bowls' of the machine. These eggs, which are truly more like spores, slowly seep out their 'precious bodily fluids' down the twin drains of the structure and magically co-mingle in the center vessel, until a new egg is produced! The process is complicated though, as one breeding combination can have many possible outcomes.

The Breeding Structure is a nearly mandatory structure on every island. It allows you to combine the elements of two parents (inputs) into one single child (output).

Bonus Breeding Structure

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Premium Structure
The following is about a premium structure.
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The Bonus Breeding Structure provides a vital advantage when special Monsters with limited availability are up for grabs! The Monster-Handlers would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you for your support of My Singing Monsters! They couldn't do it without you!

Premium Structures popup

Beginning with Version 1.3.3, it's possible for users who have previously purchased at least one item for the game to buy a second Breeding Structure for each Island, at a cost of 40 diamonds. It's also possible to buy a Bonus Nursery to pair with it.

As of at least version 2.4.2, you can no longer sell your Bonus Breeding Structure.

Enhanced Breeding Structure

Enhance Breeding Structure and Nursery

Breeding is tricky business at the best of times, so every little advantage helps. Thanks to the invaluable field research that has been collected over the past two years, the complex interplay of elemental powers is now better understood than ever before! This Enhanced Breeding Structure cuts breeding wait times by 25%!

With version 1.3.0, it became possible to upgrade the Breeding structure by spending 25 Diamond25px.png diamonds, and doing so reduces breeding wait times by 25%.

The Enhanced Breeding Structure is the same size and shape as the normal one, but the big pink heart becomes golden, and there are other golden touches added to the structure. This upgrade is available in all mobile-device versions of the game, and does not require any real-money purchase.

Breeding Guide

Since version 2.3.5, the game features a mini-Breeding Guide that appears when tapping the Help button for the Breeding Structure.


  • The breeding odds for rarer monsters may be increased by Wishing Torches
  • A Rare Monster and the common counterpart may be bred together. This may be especially useful if you are specifically trying to obtain a Rare Monster, such as Rare Entbrat, although the Rare Monster (such as one Rare Entbrat) would need to be bred beforehand.
  • When the Breeding Structure is upgraded, Wild Bagpipes appear behind it.
  • The "heart" on the default Breeding Structure resembles an actual flower found in the real world called a "Bleeding Heart." The "heart" on the upgraded structure also resembles the yellow variety.
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