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This superb statue celebrates the five Quad-element Monsters that call the Natural Islands home. Nicknamed 'The Bosses', these dynamic figures serve as role models to the other monsters, and epitomize the cooperative power of harmony.

The Boss Monument is a decoration available from the StarShop for 1,250 Starpower (starpower).


The Boss Monument is a montage of the five Quad Element Monsters, sculpted in gold. The Entbrat is either tossing upwards, or reaching up towards, a five-pointed star which hangs suspended over the main part of the statue. The other four Quad-element Monsters surround the Entbrat in their directions with happy gestures. The Deedge and Riff are partially visible in their front view, while the Shellbeat's side view is partially visible, while the Quarrister is facing back towards the Entbrat.

Monsters Who Like It

The following monsters will have their happiness increased by 25% when near one of these.

Monster Island(s)
File:Rare Wubbox.png
Rare Wubbox
Plant Island.png Cold Island.png Air Island.png Water Island.png Earth Island.png Ethereal Island.png
File:Epic Entbrat.png
Epic Entbrat
Plant Island.png
File:Epic Deedge.png
Epic Deedge
Cold Island.png Shugabush Island.png
File:Epic Riff.png
Epic Riff
Air Island.png
File:Epic Shellbeat.png
Epic Shellbeat
Water Island.png
File:Epic Quarrister.png
Epic Quarrister
Earth Island.png
File:Epic Tring.png
Epic Tring
Fire Haven.png

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The star's buttocks.

  • The star appears to be animated to spin in a 3D-esque manner. This is because many 2D games, such as My Singing Monsters, aren't capable of actual three-dimensional rendering.
  • The star on the top of the monument seems to have a pair of buttocks when it turns around.
  • The Deedge's second row of ice cubes and the Shellbeat’s drums are missing.
  • All Epic Quad Monsters like the Boss Monument.




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