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The Book of Monsters.

Welcome to the Book of Monsters! This is your one-stop shop to help track your Singing Monster collection. As you collect new species, their portrait squares will light up. Tap on a shadowed portrait to learn more about how to add it to your collection. Tap on the Island Button in the lower left corner to switch between islands. Good luck, and happy Monstering!
Book of Monsters help information

The Book of Monsters is a tool for keeping track of your Monsters added in the 2.0.3 Update for My Singing Monsters.

The Book of Monsters allows the player to see and read about various Monsters that they have discovered in the My Singing Monsters universe. It will display Rare Monsters and Epic Monsters as well as Common Monsters, and when on Wublin Island, Wublins.

When selecting a Monster, a short sound clip of the Monster's song will play as well. When selecting a Wublin, Wubbox (including the Rare Wubbox) or Celestial, their "awakening" animation will play instead of their idle animation.

Other quotes

Looks like this Monster has eluded you so far... But lucky you, it's available right now to buy in the market! Most monsters can also be bred for free. Good Luck!
Message displayed when a Monster that can be bought has not been discovered
Sorry, this Monster is currently not available to be bought or bred. Don't worry though, it will be back. Keep an eye out for Rare/Epic promotions and Seasonal events!
Message displayed when a Monster cannot be bought or bred
You can judge a book by its cover all you want, but it's hard to judge when you don't know where to find the cover! We've added a button for the Book of Monsters to the main HUD, and simplified how the book itself works. Take a look and new your Monster collections easier than ever before.
Version 2.1.6 "NEW: Updated Book of Monsters!"


  • Before Version 2.1.6, users had a less advanced Monster Collection that only displayed Monster portraits, and so did the memory game.
  • After Version 2.2.2, Monster collections can be zoomed in and out using the slider designed in the same fashion as volume slider.

In version 3.2.0, the Book of Monsters saw major cosmetic changes.

  • Monsters' Classes have been grouped by color on the silhouettes;
  • When 'discovering' a Monster for the first time by cracking the Egg in the Nursery, a Discovery Screen will appear, followed by the Monster's graphic being inserted into the Book of Monsters.
  • Monsters available in the Market and not yet 'discovered' on the Island display in grayscale.
  • Limited-time Monsters that have not yet been 'discovered' will pulse. Tapping them brings up an information screen showing how long that Monster will be available.
  • The bottom of the Book of Monsters displays the count of each Monster and Costume 'discovered' and the total number that can be discovered.
  • The zoom slider was removed, opting instead for pinch-to-zoom gestures on Mobile, and the scroll wheel in the Steam version.



  • A Natural Island and its respective Mirror Island share the same Book of Monsters page. For example, if you hatch a Rare Furcorn on Mirror Cold Island, and a Rare Furcorn was never hatched on Cold Island, it will still count towards the total collection for Cold Island.
  • Monsters are often shown in the book before they are released.
  • Gold Island does not have a page in the book, possibly because there are so many available monsters on the island.
    • However, a page for Gold Island did exist before version 2.1.6.
  • When Rare Gobbleygourd released, there was a glitch in the Fire Oasis page where Whaddle would appear in the same place as Epic Whaddle. It could either appear in front or behind Epic Whaddle.
  • When a player discovers a Cybop, Rare Cybop, or and Epic Cybop for the first time and tap many times before you reach the discovery screen of the similar monster, if you look carefully, the player sees that he/she is either destroying the shell of the inactive head (since the Cybop egg is an inactive head of a Cybop) or cracking open a Cybop for the first time. In reality, trying to crack open somekind of egg like that, there's a chance the player would destroy the machine completely.