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Head deep - deeper beneath the surface of the Monster World than you ever thought possible - and then head even deeper. That's where you'll find the chthonic Bone Island, sitting atop the Necrull Titan's head. Lustrous geodes and bright, subterranean vegetation are juxtaposed with decrepit fossils and ornate skulls, suggesting that at one point this was the site of an ancient underground pool that supported life. Now, the visiting delegation of Fire and Natural Monsters are coaxing the native Bone Elementals out of hiding to breathe new life into this ghoulish locale and turn it into a favorite 'haunt!'
In-game description

Bone Island is a Magical Island in My Singing Monsters inhabited by Bone Monsters.


Bone Island is the tenth Island available to the player, the fifth Island with the Fire element in a breedable form, and the first island with the Bone element.

It was first released on April 8, 2020.

A bare Bone Island

Indigenous Monsters

The Monsters of Bone Island are of the Earth, Water, Fire, and Bone elements. Since Bone Island lacks the Air, Plant, Cold, Light, Psychic and Faerie elements, no monster with these elements can exist on it. Just as with Fire Haven and Fire Oasis, there is also a difference with monsters that have the Fire element, as they take longer to breed and more difficult to obtain because of their long absence from the monster world; this also applies to the Magical Monsters.

The list of indigenous monsters is below with each monster's class indicated in parenthesis.

Monster Level
Default Enhanced
Noggin.png Noggin 1

5 seconds

3 seconds

Earth Element (Natural)
Toe Jammer.png Toe Jammer 4

1 minute

45 seconds

Water Element.png (Natural)
Kayna.png Kayna 9

7 hours

5 hours,
15 minutes

Fire Element.png (Fire)
Clackula.png Clackula 9

5 hours

3 hours,
45 minutes

Bone Element.png (Magical)
Fwog.png Fwog 7

30 minutes

22 minutes,
30 seconds

Earth ElementWater Element.png (Natural)
Stogg.png Stogg 9

10 hours

7 hours,
30 minutes

Earth ElementFire Element.png (Fire)
Phangler.png Phangler 9

10 hours

7 hours,
30 minutes

Water Element.pngFire Element.png (Fire)
Peckidna.png Peckidna 9

9 hours

6 hours,
45 minutes

Earth ElementBone Element.png (Magical)
Denchuhs.png Denchuhs 9

9 hours

6 hours,
45 minutes

Water Element.pngBone Element.png (Magical)
Hawlo.png Hawlo 9

9 hours

6 hours,
45 minutes

Fire Element.pngBone Element.png (Magical)
Thrumble.png Thrumble 9

20 hours

15 hours

Earth ElementWater Element.pngFire Element.png (Fire)
Withur.png Withur 9

16 hours

12 hours

Earth ElementWater Element.pngBone Element.png (Magical)
Uuduk.png Uuduk 9

16 hours

12 hours

Earth ElementFire Element.pngBone Element.png (Magical)
Banjaw.png Banjaw 9

16 hours

12 hours

Water Element.pngFire Element.pngBone Element.png (Magical)
Plinkajou.png Plinkajou 9

1 day,
8 hours

1 day

Earth ElementWater Element.pngFire Element.pngBone Element.png (Magical)
Rare Stogg.png Rare Stogg 9

13 hours,
30 minutes

10 hours,
7 minutes,
30 seconds

Earth ElementFire Element.png (Fire)
Rare Phangler.png Rare Phangler 9

13 hours,
30 minutes

10 hours,
7 minutes,
30 seconds

Water Element.pngFire Element.png (Fire)
Rare Thrumble.png Rare Thrumble 9

1 day,
2 hours,
30 minutes

19 hours,
52 minutes,
30 seconds

Earth ElementWater Element.pngFire Element.png (Fire)

Special Occasions

There are currently no Special Occasions in Bone Island.


The song of Bone Island plays in the key of G minor with some notes from G Major at a speed of 160 beats per minute.

Castle Upgrades

     Main Article: Castle
To be placed on an island, each monster requires a specific number of beds. For Natural Monsters, this is equal to the number of elements that the monster represents. Upgrade the Castle to unlock more beds.

Cost of each upgrade: Castle: of the island i


While the song of the island is crucial, users may also want to use some of these numbers to help with planning which monsters to feed first and make 100% happy first, as well as plan frequency of coin collection. The numbers below are as follows:

Rate Rate of income per bed at level 15 and at 100% happy
Max Maximum income per bed at level 15
Time Time to maximum income at level 15 and at 100% happy

(shown as Hours : Minutes : Seconds)

It should be noted that Rate is half for 0% happy, and Time is doubled for 0% happy.

Monster Rate Max Time
Noggin.png Noggin 96 Coins 216 Coins 00:02:15
Toe Jammer.png Toe Jammer 48 Coins 360 Coins 00:07:30
Kayna.png Kayna 120 Coins 548 Coins 00:04:34
Clackula.png Clackula 90 Coins 688 Coins 00:07:38
Fwog.png Fwog 60 Coins 1,350 Coins 00:22:30
Stogg.png Stogg 79 Coins 2,401 Coins 00:30:23
Phangler.png Phangler 74 Coins 3,004 Coins 00:40:35
Peckidna.png Peckidna 79 Coins 2,888 Coins 00:36:33
Denchuhs.png Denchuhs 74 Coins 3,202 Coins 00:43:16
Hawlo.png Hawlo 108 Coins 3,074 Coins 00:28:27
Thrumble.png Thrumble 92 Coins 24,844 Coins 04:28:06
Withur.png Withur 82 Coins 29,304 Coins 05:54:29
Uuduk.png Uuduk 92 Coins 27,376 Coins 04:55:25
Banjaw.png Banjaw 92 Coins 24,559 Coins 04:25:01
Plinkajou.png Plinkajou 91 Coins 75,686 Coins 13:47:10



  • Noggin and Stogg play throughout the entire Bone Island song.
  • Toe Jammer's track is similar to Mammott's Faerie Island track, and Fwog's track is similar to its Continent track.
  • Based on the reveal trailer, Bone Island appears to reside just underneath Fire Haven.
  • The island's critter looks like the ghost of a shark.
  • Bone Island is the third island to not have closed eyes, with the first being Composer Island and the second being Psychic Island. However this is because it doesn't have eyes, it only has empty holes with crystals in them, making it the first and so far only island where the Titan / Colossal has no eyes.
  • Just like Psychic Island and Faerie Island, Bone Island takes the place of an island from Dawn of Fire, which is Cave Island in this case. However, unlike the other two, Bone Island‘s song does not resemble Cave Island's. If anything, it more closely resembles Party Island‘s song, as they both play at 160 bpm in a 4/4 time signature.
  • Necrull’s name comes from the prefix “necro-“ and the word “skull”.
  • When Bone Island was released, It had a glitch where its castle bass was the same as Faerie Island's. This glitch was quickly fixed.
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