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Before settling into its finalized form, this impassioned Wublin decided that its musical contribution would be to recite several words it had heard on faint radio frequencies from the human universe, in a kingdom known only as the Mait-Land. Its maker acquiesced to these linguistic leanings, making sure to fashion a robotic body that featured all the parts mentioned - well, in one form or another, or rather in a way that only a Monster could truly do.


Blipsqueak was released on November 24, 2016.

The Blipsqueak appears to have a humanoid figure, sporting arms and legs. However, it also seems to have robotic parts. Microphones replace the areas where ears would be and speakers replace the areas where its nose would normally be. Blipsqueak's mouth is akin to the line on a heartbeat monitor, and creates waves when Blipsqueak sings. Its forearms and lower legs are a hot pink, with the other parts being a metallic grey. On each leg, two toes are present, with light pink toenails. For joints, it has black orbs with a small orange screw in the middle. At the end of its arms are similar looking joints, with an opening in the middle of the orange circle, where green lights flash. The most obvious part of the Blipsqueak is its head. A large, glass cylindrical dome is present, and inside are six eyeballs which float and occasionally glance around. It is slightly taller than Whajje, and sports stainless steel skin.

The upper parts of its arms and legs all have a fringe of pink fur at both ends of them, just before the joint. This could hint that they were covered with pink fur at some point, raising the question of if the fur is synthetic or not.

The monsters required to wake up Blipsqueak are present on its design: Toe Jammer's liquid in the dome, PomPom's pink fur, robotic equipment from Deedge and robotic voice reminiscent of Cybop's, and the glowing parts from T-Rox's spikelets, and Cybop‘s green eyes in its dome. It also has the toes of Toe Jammer.


Voice actress: Maggie Park

The Blipsqueak sings "Eyes... ears... nose... toes" in a robotic accent. While singing, it points to its respective body parts using its green light (in order: eyes in dome, ear microphones, nose speaker, toes). As it goes through the four body parts, its arms get more and more behind its lyrics, with them being slightly early to eyes, almost exactly on cue with ears, slightly behind on nose, and noticeably late on toes. It also echoes the last sound of each English word, an "S" sound that reverberates quickly 3-4 times.

Maitland, mentioned in the name of the description, is a city in Florida. More importantly, it is also the name of a band. Some of the names of their tracks mention senses, and one mentions eyes outright. (Their bandcamp is .)

Earning Rate

The Blipsqueak, like all other Wublins, will produce coins, diamonds, food, and shards, but at no specified rate, although always less than a day.

Multiple Blipsqueaks may produce any of these four currencies independently from each other: Coins (Coins), Shards (Shards), Treats (Treats), and Diamonds (Diamonds).

Powering Up

The allotted time to fill a Blipsqueak in order to activate is 5 days. If the inventory is not completed in the time the Blipsqueak resets to an empty statue and all eggs inside are lost.

Egg Time Islands to Breed On
Toe Jammer-egg.pngx4 1 minute Plant Island.png
Cold Island.png
Air Island.png
Water Island.png
Fire Oasis.png
Psychic Island.png
Bone Island.png
Deedge-egg.pngx4 24 hours Cold Island.png
Shugabush Island.png
PomPom-egg.pngx4 12 hours Air Island.png
Earth Island.png
Shugabush Island.png
Cybop-egg.pngx6 8 hours Air Island.png
Water Island.png
Earth Island.png
Fire Haven.png
T-Rox-egg.pngx6 8 hours Plant Island.png
Air Island.png


Blipsqueak is one of the 3 Wublins that require at least Air Island.

Plant: Pre-breed T-rox, then breed 5 more.

Cold: Pre-breed Deedge, then breed 3 more.

Air: Pre-breed PomPom, then breed one more.

Water: Pre-breed Cybop, then breed 2 more.

Earth: Pre-breed PomPom, then breed one more.

Haven: Pre-breed Cybop, then breed 2 more.

Toe Jammer: Breed 4 Toe Jammers by breeding the rare and normal version on any island where it is available.

With mirrors, do this. It is recommended to begin with Deedges, breeding them on Cold Island, Shugabush Island, and Mirror Cold Island. It is also recommended to breed using the combination of Deedge and Rare Deedge on Cold and Mirror, for 100% success rate (unless Rare Deedge is available). While Deedge is breeding, Plant Island, Air Island, Water Island, Earth Island, and their respective Mirrors are still open. the next Monster recommended to focus on is PomPom. It is recommended to breed it on Air Island, Earth Island, and their respective Mirror Islands. It is best to use the combo PomPom and Rare PomPom, so no Reebros or Humbugs are bred, which could ruin the chances of waking the Wublin in time. This leaves Plant Island, Water Island, and their respective mirrors still open to be used for breeding. T-Rox and Cybop take the same time to breed. so either one can be prioritized. since Plant Island doesn't have Cybop and Water Island doesn't have T-Rox, Plant and its Mirror can be used to breed T-Rox while Water and its Mirror can be used to breed Cybop. For T-Rox it is recommended to breed using T-Rox and Rare T-Rox, for the same reasons as PomPom. Once PomPom is done breeding, Air and Earth Island are open. On Earth Cybop could then be bred, and T-Rox on Air. Toe Jammers, due to their short breeding time, can be done at the end. This strategy Works whether you have Mirror Islands, Enhanced Breeding Structures, and Secondary Breeding Structures or not. On average it takes 2 days to wake up Blipsqueak using this strategy.

Name origin

The Blipsqueak's name is a portmanteau of "blip", a short high-pitched sound that comes from electronic devices sometimes accompanied with a light, and "pipsqueak" someone considered unimportant due to their small size.

Possible Monster Names

To see all possible names for Blipsqueak, see Monster Names.

The names of Blipsqueak mainly refer to parts of the eyes, ears, nose, and toes.

  • Allie - A misspelled version of the word 'alae' or 'ala', which are the rims which surround the nostrils.
  • Columel - A shortened version of the word 'columella', the space between the nostrils. It also references the column-shaped head of Blipqueak.
  • Cooklear - A misspelled version of the word 'cochlea', a structure in the inner ear. It also has 'ear' in the name.
  • Distul - A misspelled version of the word 'distal', which means 'away from the center of a body'. Essentially, it refers to the tip of the nose, or the toes.
  • Dorsumm - A misspelled version of the word 'dorsum' - or more specifically, the 'nasal dorsum', commonly known as the bridge of the nose.
  • Eustace - A shortened version of the word 'eustachian tube', a canal which connects the middle ear to the throat.
  • Eyeris - A misspelled version of the word 'iris', a part of the eye.
  • Falanj - A shortened version of the word 'phalanges', which are toe bones.
  • Kornia - A misspelled version of the word 'cornea', a part of the eye.
  • Mag-Gee - The misspelled name of Monster-Handler Maggie, the voice of Blipsqueak.
  • Pewpill - A misspelled version of the word 'pupil', a part of the eye.
  • Pinna - The outer rim of the ear.
  • Procks - A shortened version of the word 'proximal', which is the opposite of 'distal'. An example could be the base of the nose, or the eyes.


Waking up Blipsqueak

  • Akin to the Creepuscule, the Monsters in the teaser are the Monsters Blipsqueak requires.
  • Blipsqueak and Maulch were released on a Thursday, unlike most Wublins, which have been released on Fridays. This coincided with the winners of My Singing Monsters Cover contest being announced.
  • Blipsqueak in the market appears before Creepuscule, despite it being released after.
  • Its idle animation movements are large, noticeable, and resembles dancing.
  • It seems to not have control over its eyes, but instead the fluid in which they are floating.
  • Blipsqueak has only two visible organic parts, its six eyes and its fur. This leaves an almost entirely robotic chassis with a partly organic being inside.
    • The Monster Handlers have implied that Blipsqueak is a cyborg, an organic creature with robotic parts.
  • One of its feet does not move at all, whether it is idle or singing.
  • Blipsqueak could be heard in the MSM soundtrack before Blipsqueak was officially in the game. It could even faintly be heard in the original trailer for Wublin Island.
  • On the 26th of February, 2017, Big Blue Bubble released a gif stating five facts about the newest 5 Wublins. The facts for Blipsqueak are:
    • Yearns to intern at Mait-Land and learn new words.
    • A major advocate for cyborg monster representation.
    • Contact with pink fluffy bits results in electric shock.
  • Blipsqueak, Toe Jammer, Maw, Pummel, Spunge, Scups, Barrb, Nebulob, Jellbilly, and Plixie are the only monsters with a liquid interior.


Blipsqueak was teased on November 22, 2016. What made it unique was that its puzzle was considerably difficult to solve.

The goal of the puzzle was to identify the body parts of various Monsters (the Monsters in the puzzle are the ones zapped into the new Wublin). After finding the name of those body parts, you would need to pull out a special letter from each one of them and join all of the special letters together to get the Wublin name.

The body parts and what Monsters have them are listed below. The bolded letters are the special letters that make up the 13th Wublin's name.

     ELBOW, PomPom
       LIPS, Toe Jammer
      FIN, Cybop 
     NOSTRILS, T-Rox
     LIQUID, Toe Jammer
     PLUMES, PomPom
      TAIL, T-Rox
   SPEAKER, Deedge

Putting the letters together revealed the name of the 13th Wublin, Blipsqueak.

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