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The Blasoom sprouted to life from the first cosmic dust -  burgeoning, blooming, laying down roots and grooves for all Plant-born. Ideas of purest imagination and possibility can be found lining the inner wall of its majestic head bloom, of one only had the courage to peer inside. This Celestial serves to cross-pollinate vibes and grooves across the Monster World, while amplifying its perennial message: to emerge from dormancy and effloresce in a spectacular profusion of song, synchrony, and photosynthesis.


Blasoom is a very colorful monster with a body which is made of dark brown wood and modeled like a saxophone. Most of it is covered by leaves of varying shape, whose colors vary between green, aqua and white. It's head is adorned by a big, fuchsia arum lilly, with a yellow stem inside it. Blasoom's irises have a color similar to that of its "majestic head bloom", and black pupils. Its vine-like tail is brown with green leaves underneath it.

It is a Celestial Monster of Plant.

It's constellation is called Growing Green.


The Blasoom plays a bassoon in the 2nd part of the song.


Blasoom, like all other Celestials, cannot be bred. Instead, the player must cross all 24 points in Growing Green within the month of April (30 days) to unlock Blasoom.


Completing Growing Green will unlock Blasoom to be placed on Starhenge.

Name Origin

Its name is a portmanteau of "blossom" and "bassoon".


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  • Arum lilies are poisonous, so one would really need "courage" to peer inside Blasoom's head.
  • Its instrument is the same as G'joob, with both being a Bassoon.
    • Oddly enough, G'joob is exclusive to Plant Island, and Blasoom represents the Plant element.
  • Its head might not be an arum lily, but rather a pitcher plant, which is carnivorous. Varieties of pitcher plants without lids also exist. Pitcher plants also go through dormancy, which is mentioned in the monster's description.
  • Its blossom might be the result of a cross-pollination between an arum and a pitcher plant.

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