Bill Working

Bill is a fictional accountant working at Big Blue Bubble that often gets blames for leaking teasers. He is sometimes mentioned on My Singing Monsters Live and he often gets himself in trouble. He appears in a video on the My Singing Monsters YouTube channel called The Preposterous Case Of The Pesky Prankster as a lawyer. It has been confirmed in My Singing Monsters Live - Episode #014 that it was Bill's idea to have Bill be one of the automatic nicknames for Epic Mammott.

His first appearance is in this video.


  • Bill with a paper
  • Bill with a paper again
  • Bill sitting on a couch
  • Bill on extra life
  • Bill just relaxing
  • Lawyer Bill
  • Bill, despite appearing to be one, is actually not a Mammott. This was said by Matt in the Q&A portion of MSM Live episode #14.
  • Every time the BBB company notices one of their updates got leaked, they blame it on Bill.
  • Apparently Bill is the only one who can work the coffee machine
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