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  • Biggified Ghazt
  • Unbiggify menu when permanently unlock Biggify
  • Biggify menu when permanently unlock Biggify

The Biggify feature makes a chosen Monster bigger. When you tap a monster, the Biggify button appears. When you press the Biggify button, there are two options to choose between. The first option is to biggify the monster for 24 hours, at a cost of 2 Diamond25px. The second option is to biggify the monster permanently, costing 20 Diamond25px. When you purchase one of them, the monster is said to "double" its normal size. When it is biggified, you can toggle the effect off and on by tapping the Unbiggify and Rebiggify buttons in the monster's settings. Of course, biggifying a monster "doubles" its size in three (virtual) dimensions, so it appears eight times larger in volume.


  • This feature was added in game version 1.2.9 .
  • This feature is not available to purchase on Gold Island. However, if a monster is on Gold Island and you biggify its copy on a natural island, only then can you see it biggified on Gold Island. For example, if you have a level 15 T-Rox named Thumper on Plant Island and biggify it there, the copy of Thumper on Gold Island will be biggified too. However, the Biggify feature can't be purchased for Thumper on Gold Island directly, nor can the effect be turned on or off on Gold Island directly.
  • The Biggify button is placed where the Sell button used to be. The Sell button was moved to the Info menu which can be reached by tapping the Info button on any monster's settings.
  • It is not possible to biggify monsters on Tribal Island.
  • If you biggify a monster for 24 hours then unbiggify it, you will not get your diamonds back but you can rebiggify it for free.
  • If you biggify a monster then teleport it to another island, the effect will go with it; you will be able to biggify and unbiggify it again as soon as it hatches out of the Nursery (assuming there's still enough time left, if you have done just a 24-hour biggification).
  • Biggified collision

    Blabbits don't understand "personal space".

    A biggified monster still occupies the same number of spaces on the island as before, but it may extend over its "border". This can make things look odd if you have multiple adjacent biggified monsters.
  • While you can turn the effect on and off, contrary to popular belief, you cannot decide what size your monster becomes.
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