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Big Blue Bubble is a Canadian video game development studio founded in 2004 by Damir Slogan, Claudette Critchley, and Mark Maia. It’s most known for creating the My Singing Monsters game series. It has also created other notable mobile games such as Burn the Rope, Thumpies, and Fling a Thing!. After briefly making games for consoles between 2007-2010, Big Blue Bubble returned to consoles in September 2020, with the debut of Foregone.


My Singing Monsters

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Gameplay of My Singing Monsters at Plant Island.

My Singing Monsters is the first game in the My Singing Monsters series and is the main game in the franchise. It has over 200 Monsters to collect and breed across 27 Islands, each with their own song. Each Island has its own set of Monsters or even new mechanics, such as starting a Tribe with your friends, training Monsters for friendly musical battles, or composing your very own music.

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

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Gameplay of Dawn of Fire at Plant Lands, Continent.

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire is the prequel to the first game. This game introduces Fire as a new Natural element, which adds many new Monsters to discover. They start as young Monsters on the Continent and then grow up and learn a new song when teleported to the Outer Islands at a certain level. They level up with by crafting items that they request. There are also new ways to interact with other players by trading through the Market or aiding a friend with the Skyship.

My Singing Monsters: Composer

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My Singing Monsters: Composer is a spin-off app available on Mobile devices that expands upon Composer Island from the main game. This app costs money, but does not have ads or in-app purchases, and can be used offline. It includes many features such as longer songs, an unlimited number of songs, easier editing, and new Monsters like the Dipsters, Ethereals, Core Seasonals and Rare Monsters, each bringing their own unique sound. You can also share your songs with others that also have the app.

My Singing Monsters Playground

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My Singing Monsters Playground is spin-off party game released to consoles and PC. You can play with up to four people in couch co-op, or go solo with computer players. Compete with your friends in a mini-game marathon. There are a variety of mini-games that include free for all, where only one player can win, or 2v2, where you work with another player. Play in tournament mode, where you play multiple game back to back to see who gets the most points, or play in Free Play, where you can play any mini-game by itself.


Foregone is a souls inspired 2D action-platformer with fluid pixel art. It takes place in a world years after a devastating war where legions of corrupted creatures. The player controls the Arbiter, who is fighting to preserve order and prevent the force that destroyed her city from coming back.

Jammer Splash

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Jammer Splash is a spin-off game of My Singing Monsters. It is a match three game with its own twist, similarily to Furcorns Jelly Dreams. In order to complete a level, the goal of the level must be reached. Instead of swapping, in jammer splash, the options are popping, sliding, and combining jammers. Whenever a level is lost, a life is lost, and in a certain amount of time, the lives replenish. when 3 jellies or more are combined horizontally, it creates a weapon. Weapons can be combined to create a stronger weapon, however, when this is done, the weapon automatically goes off.

Power Chord

Power Chord is an upcoming game coming to Steam for PC. It’s a team-based roguelike deck-building game where you assemble your band, battle your way through legions of demons, discover new cards to enhance your instruments of destruction, and take back the city.

My Singing Monsters: Coloring

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My Singing Monsters: Coloring is a spin-off app that has coloring sheets of different Monsters.

Concert Kings Music Tycoon

Concert Kings Idle Music Tycoon is an idle clicker game released for mobile devices. You collect music notes by tapping or swiping, which can be used to buy bigger stages, recruit new people to your band, or play at different venues. The game also features an original rock and pop soundtrack.

Super Dinosaur: Kickin’ Tail

Super Dinosaur: Kickin’ Tail is a mobile game based on the TV adaptation of the comic series, Super Dinosaur. The game is a team battle game where you collect characters and play through the adventure campaign. There is also a tower defense and ranked pvp mode.

Chaos Reborn: Adventures

Chaos Reborn: Adventures is a mobile version of Chaos Reborn made by Snapshot Games. It is a turn based strategy game with a single player campaign and competitive multiplayer.

Teaching Guide Grade 1-3: MSM

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Teaching Guide Grade 1-3: MSM is an education app developed for music teachers to help explain music concepts to young children, with examples from the My Singing Monsters world.

Discontinued Games


Main article: Thumpies (game)

Thumpies was a rhythm-based game where the player is challenged to correctly tap in time with the Thumpies' drumming rhythm. The player selects a song and a difficulty to play with. The player denotes each rhythm by tapping each drum, and each on-time tap raises the Thump'o'meter, which is the score system in each level. Unlike most games, which use a series of notes for rhythm, mechanic of bouncing in time is required to get to the next level in a certain song played. The game becomes more complicated as more Thumpies, more drums, and more complex rhythm is added.

Fling a Thing!

Main article: Fling a Thing!

Fling a Thing was an arcade style game where you stretches and fling “things” into the air to collect bubbles. When all of the bubbles are cleared away, you move on to the next level and climb higher and higher. There are a limited amount of shots for each level, so the more accurate you are the higher your score will be. The more stars the player gets the more upgrades they can unlock to help them achieve a higher score.

Burn the Rope

Burn the Rope was a puzzle game in which the player has a board of intertwined ropes, and must rotate their mobile device in order to burn away the rope. There are many different levels with new aspects in each. There is also a "Free Play" mode, where the player rotates their device to kill bugs, and grow their fire chain, similar to the game Snake, but with more mobility.

My Mammott

Main article: My Mammott

Gameplay of My Mammott

My Mammott was a spin-off game of My Singing Monsters, featuring a Mammott that the player can feed and play with. Diamonds are the primary currency in the game, being only gained through the spin-the-wheel or through hitting Cybops with Thumpies in the Thumpies Toss mini-game. The Mammott is fed with treats, which cost diamonds, but feeding enough treats unlocks a new level which unlocks new tricks that he can do.

My PomPom

Main article: My PomPom

My PomPom was a clone of My Mammott, that instead featured a PomPom that the player can feed and play with. Diamonds are also the primary currency in the game, being only gained through the spin-the-wheel or by juggling a pompom with a diamond symbol on it. PomPom can also be fed with treats, which costs diamonds, and again feeding enough treats unlocks a new level which unlocks new tricks for her to do. The mini-game featured in the game is for PomPom to juggle pompoms with her hands for as many times as possible.

Furcorn's Jelly Dreams

Main article: Furcorn's Jelly Dreams

Gameplay of Furcorn's Jelly Dreams

Furcorn's Jelly Dreams was a spin-off game of My Singing Monsters, featuring a match-three game with a spin on it. Orders must be completed to finish each level. Unlike other match-three games, where there is only the option to switch candies, diamonds, etc., there only options are to either pop single jellies or slide jellies in a specific direction. Like Candy Crush Saga, there is a lives system where each life is lost whenever a level attempt has failed, and lives regenerate after a specific amount of time. Combining more than three jellies together make powerups and combining powerups creates stronger powerups.

My Muppets Show

My Muppets Show was a game very similar in game mechanics to My Singing Monsters. It was released as part of the promotional effort for the 2014 movie Muppets Most Wanted. The game servers were shut down on December 10, 2014, so the game is no longer functional.

Finder's Keep

A rouge-like dungeon crawler were you go through dungeons collecting weapons, armor, and fighting monsters.

Hamster Cannon

Shoot hamsters out of a circus cannon to grab cereal Os. Somewhat like "Angry Birds".


  • 2006 BAFTA The Gamer's Award for 24™, The Mobile Game
  • IGN Editors' Choice Award for 24™, The Mobile Game
  • 2007 PopVox People's Choice Award: Best Mobile Game for Elven Chronicles
  • 2007 PROFITguide PROFIT HOT 50: Ranked 38th
  • 2008 London's Featured Company
  • 2008 London Chamber of Commerce: Business of the Year Award, Business Achievement Award
  • 2009 London Chamber of Commerce: Business Achievement Award
  • London Economic Development Corporation: Featured Company Award
  • Jamster Award: Best Mobile Game
  • Mobile Game FAQ: Best Puzzle Game
  • Telefilm Canada's Great Canadian Video Game Competition: Finalist
  • 2008 Canadian New Media Awards: Finalist for Company of the Year
  • 2010 Mobile Content Awards: Winner in Mobile Entertainment for Thumpies
  • 2011 Pocket Top 50 developer
  • 2011 Digi Awards: Best in Gaming for Burn the Rope
  • 2012 London Chamber of Commerce Finalist in Innovation
  • 2012 Digi Awards: Best in Mobile Gaming for My Singing Monsters
  • 2013 London Chamber of Commerce Finalist in Innovation


  • The Big Blue Bubble headquarters is located in Ontario, Canada.
  • Much of the original My Singing Monsters game also includes much of the characters from the games Thumpies, Fling a Thing!, Burn the Rope, My Mammott, and My PomPom.