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Beat Hereafter is a Seasonal element in My Singing Monsters that is currently manifested in the Clavavera on Seasonal Shanty. It will be on another, unknown island sometime in the future.

Mailbox Beat Hereafter.png

The element itself is a possible reference to Día de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead.

Affiliated Monsters

The list of monsters that are affiliated with the Beat Hereafter element are listed below.

Elemental Number Monster Seasonal Shanty.png Seasonal Shanty
10/27/2021 (common) Seasonal Monsters File:Clavavera.png
Beat Hereafter Element.png
Clavavera Portrait.png


  • At this time, the associated Monster, Clavavera, is only available on Seasonal Shanty. This was explained by Monster-Handler Matt during the October 2021 Handler Hangout; "The new sort of ideology for these new Seasonal Monsters is that they're gonna be the opposite of the original Seasonals - the first generation, if you will - and that's that they all started on their own Island and then made their way to Seasonal Shanty. We're going to do the opposite with these new Seasonal Monsters that we're discovering, and that they're gonna begin on Seasonal Shanty, and then find sort of a 'forever home' across the various Islands of the Monster World in subsequent appearances."
  • Clavavera will most likely find its home on Bone Island (or to a lesser extent, the Magical Sanctum) since its bio states that it is related to Clackula.