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"Don't worry, you can do it!

Try training your Monsters to higher levels, or adding new Monsters to your team."

Description if you fail a battle
"You are victorious!"
Description if you achieve victory from a battle (removed)

Battling is a game mechanic introduced in My Singing Monsters 3.0, and is a feature tied to The Colossingum.

Up to 3 of your Monsters take part in musical battle, using their singing power to deplete their rivals' Stamina before they do the same to yours.

Battle (despite its name) is a non-violent competition, and Monsters that lose all of their Stamina go to sleep unharmed.

There are two types of battle:

  • Quests: You battle with bots to win rewards
  • Versus: You battle with other players, or with friends just for fun.

In the battle your monsters can use 2 different types of movements

  • Musical movements Musical Portrait.png
  • Elemental movementsCold Portrait.pngPlant Portrait.pngWater Portrait.pngEarth Portrait.pngAir Portrait.pngHalloween Portrait.pngHoliday Portrait.pngValentine Portrait.pngEaster Portrait.pngSummer Portrait.png

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Simply speaking, a certain amount of ally Monsters are selected to a Battle, and their role is to eliminate the other team's Monsters by draining all their stamina. Each move drains a certain amount of stamina, and it can be increased or decreased with certain elemental interactions between the type of move and the enemy monster's elements. There is roughly up to ±10% damage deviation in how much damage a monster does, which is actually quite large considering that RNG may turn the tides of the battle in favor or against the favor of the player.

Strength of Monsters

Monster damage depends on how many elements the monster has:

  • Single Elementals deal base damage
  • Double Elementals deal double damage
  • Triple Elementals deal triple damage
  • Quad Elementals deal quadruple damage

Monster damage resistance depends on how many elements the monster has:

  • Single Elementals have no damage resistance, and therefore will be affected by full damage.
  • Double Elementals have no damage resistance, and therefore will be affected by the same thing as for single-elementals.
  • Triple Elementals have 1/4 of damage resistance, which means it will only become inflicted by three quarters of the damage.
  • Quad Elementals have 1/2 of damage resistance, so damage dealt to a Quad will be halved.

Elemental Strengths

  • Air Element.png is Strong against Plant Element.png but Weak against Earth Element.png
  • Plant Element.png is Strong against Water Element.png but Weak against Air Element.png
  • Water Element.png is Strong against Cold Element.png but Weak against Plant Element.png
  • Cold Element.png is Strong against Earth Element.png but Weak against Water Element.png
  • Earth Element.png is Strong against Air Element.png but Weak against Cold Element.png

Overall, weaknesses take priority over resistances. An example is that even though a Congle or a Quibble would’ve been neutral against Plant with Air and Water contradicting each other, it’s actually weak against Plant, so if you're attacking a Congle or a Quibble, Plant-element attacks are most useful because of this.


  • The message, "Try training your Monsters to higher levels, or adding new Monsters to your team." is misleading because you may have already upgraded that Monster to the highest level or if you have the same monsters again.
    • If this is tried with a Level 20 monster and then you lose, the message for admitting defeat appears and if you follow that, an error message will appear, saying that this Monster has reached the maximum Training level for now, due to the losing message misleading.
    • This line is never changed if any monster including the Seasonals reaches level 20.
  • If the player reaches the maximum level and winning a battle, an overjoyed Furcorn will appear.
  • The idea of certain elements beating other elements (as well as monsters fighting using up to four differnet learned moves) could possibly be based off of the Pokémon franchise, in which some of the elemental matchups are identical (Plant being strong against Water, etc.)
  • Strengths and weaknesses are possibly based on what elements aren't on which islands. So for example, Cold is weak against Water because it is not on that island, and is strong against Earth because it is on that island. However, following this logic, Plant and Air would be strong against each other (Even though Plant is weak against Air) and Earth would not be strong against Air (Because Tweedle exists on Earth island and Noggin exists on Air island.). Also, even if Water is not on Earth Island, it is not weak to Earth.
    • Strengths and weaknesses are also based on their element order, regardless of the single element's letter. (Earth < Cold < Water < Plant < Air < Earth)
Tweedle (Battle).png
Potbelly (Battle).png
Noggin (Battle).png
Toe Jammer (Battle).png
Toe Jammer
Mammott (Battle).png
Dandidoo (Battle).png
Cybop (Battle).png
Quibble (Battle).png
Pango (Battle).png
Shrubb (Battle).png
Oaktopus (Battle).png
Furcorn (Battle).png
Fwog (Battle).png
Drumpler (Battle).png
Maw (Battle).png
Reedling (Breath Tweeter).png
Spunge (Battle).png
Thumpies (Battle).png
Scups (Space Ploddity).png
PomPom (Battle).png
Congle (Battle).png
Pummel (Battle).png
Clamble (Battle).png
Bowgart (Battle).png
T-Rox (Construction, a Head).png
Shellbeat (Battle).png
Quarrister (Battle).png
Deedge (Skrooball).png
Riff (Battle).png
Entbrat (Spiral Engravings).png
Punkleton (Mouth Waterer).png
Yool (Fir Suit).png
Schmoochle (Dashing Suitor).png
Blabbit (Big Shell-Out).png
Hoola (DJ Epic Drip).png