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Baby Bio:

Even as seedlings, Barrbs are a teensy bit prickly. What with their burs and thorns. Yet, for all their surface thistles they remain soft, sappy souls that feel emotions all the way down to their roots. A Barrb's song is a scratchy, catchy one and is sung with wisdom far beyond its tender years. Barrbs are prone to hiccups and fits of the giggles, often at the same time.

Adult Bio:

Native to arid climes, the prickly Barrb has a raspy singing voice that evolved due to its dry ancestral homeland. It stores water in its fleshy tissues giving it a bloated appearance, while its burs attach themselves to unsuspecting monsters passing by. Hence, Barrbs get very attached to others- literally! They try to keep a polite distance for fear of matting up their chums' luxurious fur.


The Barrb is a monster in Dawn of Fire. It has been released in Version 1.6.0 along with Pango.

It is a humanoid monster that resembles a cactus. Barrb has a flower on its head with spikes surrounding the forehead. It has leaves for a collar and four tendrils sprouting from behind it. Its sclerae are light yellow, its right iris is yellow, and its left iris is purple, meaning it has heterochromia. It also has two arms and two legs, with 4 fingers on each hand, and 3 toes on each foot.

The adult has a muscular appearance, a flower-like collar, and additional spikes on its limbs.

When idle: As a baby it bobs up and down and stomps its feet. As an adult, it sways its whole body left and right while still stomping its feet.


Voice actress: Unknown

It sounds similar to a Punkleton and Flowah. On the Continent, it sings: "Hoo, ga hooga, hoo, ga hoo! Hoo, ga hooga, hoo, ga hoo!" in an electronically raspy voice.

On Cave Island it sings "Huh, ga hooga, ga hooga hooga hoo! Huh, ga hooga, ga hooga hooga hoo!" in a similar voice.


The Barrb can be bred using a combination of Fire, Air and Plant. Possible combinations include:

Feeding Monsters

The Barrb will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


Barrb can be fed to level 20 and teleported to Cave Island for a reward of 6 diamonds. Teleport time for Barrb is 20 hours.

Name origin

Its name is a play on the word "barb", which is a backward-facing point on a spine or fish hook, referring to the Barrb's spikes.


  • The Barrb is the last Fire-based monster with 3 elements.
  • Adult Barrb, shares many similarities with the Adult Flowah, both names are a corruption of words, both are based on plants, have similar body, and song.
  • It appears to have Heterochromia (differently colored eyes).
    • It is the third known monster with heterochromia. The first being Blabbit, the second being Rare Toe Jammer, the fourth being Rare Nebulob.
    • Barrb is the only monster in Dawn of Fire with heterochromia.
  • In the code, Barrb is called "Cactus".

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