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Something smells scrumptious! Monsters are sweet on treats from the Bakery.
In-game description

In Dawn of Fire, the Bakery is a secondary through quintinary Production Structure that produces Crafting Items; it bakes various food. The Bakery is the fourth direct Production Structure, and the fourth overall Production Structure available in the game, unlocked at level 4.


The products that are produced by the Bakery are listed below.

Note: The production times shown below are the default times. Upgrading the Bakery will decrease the production times.

Crafting Item Recipe Production Time Unlock Level Market Price Experience Type of Item
Crafting Item Apple Tart.png
Apple Tart
3 Apple
1 Grain
1 minute 4 72 - 120 Coins 1 Experience Secondary, end-product
Crafting Item Cookie.png
2 Grain
1 Coconut Butter
2 Sugar
1 hour 10 554 - 923 Coins 7 Experience Tertiary, end-product
Crafting Item Apple Ice Pop.png
Apple Ice Pop
2 Apple Juice
2 Ice
3 hours 12 765 - 1,275 Coins 10 Experience Quaternary, end-product
Crafting Item Lemon Cake.png
Lemon Cake
2 Lemon
3 Grain
1 Coconut Butter
10 hours 18 1,274 - 2,123 Coins 16 Experience Tertiary, end-product
Crafting Item Mud Pie.png
Mud Pie
3 Sand
2 Grain
1 Applesauce
3 hours 29 1,871 - 3,118 Coins 24 Experience Tertiary, end-product
Crafting Item Pizza.PNG
2 Grain
3 Tomato
1 Coconut Cheese
8 hours 34 1,923 - 3,204 Coins 25 Experience Quaternary, intermediate
Crafting Item Mushroom Pizza.png
Mushroom Pizza
1 Pizza
1 Mushroom
9 hours 36 3,014 - 5,023 Coins 40 Experience Quintinary, end-product
Crafting Item Pumpkin Pie.png
Pumpkin Pie
2 Pumpkin
2 Grain
8 hours 42 1,305 - 2,175 Coins 17 Experience Secondary, end-product


The Bakery may be upgraded to make processes a percentage faster. The equation for a Crafting Item's new speed after a certain upgrade is Original_Time * (100 / (0.95 + Upgrade_No * 0.05)), with "Original_Time" referring to the Crafting Item's default processing time, and "Upgrade_No" referring to the level that the structure is at after the upgrade.

The Bakery can be upgraded even when it is active. A random amount of crystals (a mix of Crystals, Polished Crystals and Carved Crystals, sometimes only one of a certain type) is required as well as coins. As the upgrade gets higher, the chances of getting a more expensive mix of Crystals is higher.

After upgrading, the selected Structure will run faster, and XP will be earned as well, the amount dependent on the difficulty of the combination of crystals.

Crystals + 100 Coins = 5% faster total.

Name Origin

As its name suggests, the Bakery is named after the fact that it bakes food, which can possibly come from a real-life bakery. Aside from Apple Ice Pops, all of the Crafting Items listed above can be cooked in a real-life oven.


  • The white tubes on the top of the bakery are made to resemble a chefs hat.
  • Unlike the Bakery in My Singing Monsters, the Dawn of Fire Bakery may not be upgraded to a greater version of itself that is capable of producing more advanced items. Instead, newer items are simply unlocked at higher levels.
  • One of the Bakery's items, Mushroom Pizza, is the first and only quintinary Crafting Item encountered in the game. Furthermore, the Bakery is only Production Structure that contains a quintinary Crafting Item.
  • Another one of the Bakery's items, Apple Tart, may be obtained from the Wondermine. This is the only non-primary Crafting Item that can be obtained from the Wondermine.
  • The Bakery has been discounted before. The following are its past discounts:
  • The Version 1.8.0 Update changed a few features of the Bakery:
    • As part of the "gameplay balance," all Crafting Items made by the Bakery except for the Apple Tart (which had its time reduced from five minutes to one minute), had their crafting times doubled.
    • The products required for the Apple Tart recipe were reduced from 3Apple & 2Grain to 3Apple & 1Grain.
    • The Market price range for the Apple Tart decreased from 96 - 160 Coins to 72 - 120 Coins as a result of its shorter production time.
    • All of the other Crafting Items had their Market price range increase as a result of their longer production times. Their old Market price ranges were:
      • Cookie: 512 - 853 Coins.
      • Apple Ice Pop: 570 - 950 Coins.
      • Lemon Cake: 827 - 1,378 Coins.
      • Mud Pie: 1,466 - 2,443 Coins.
      • Pizza 1,380 - 2,300 Coins.
      • Mushroom Pizza: 2,067 - 3,444 Coins.
      • Pumpkin Pie: 945 - 1,575 Coins.
  • The Bakery can somehow cook Apple Ice Pops, which is physically impossible.
    • This may be a reference to how you can cook Ice Cream in the bakery in the first My Singing Monsters.

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