My Singing Monsters
This cute little bakery can turn out some tasty snacks!
Small Bakery
The medium bakery is equipped to make even more delicious treats!
Medium Bakery
The large bakery turns out everything a monster might want to eat.
Large Bakery

The Bakery is used to manufacture Treats, to be fed to Monsters. Different sizes and numbers of bakeries are unlocked with leveling up. Larger bakeries allow baking more kinds of goodies, of higher value.

There is a limit to the number of bakeries that may be purchased per island. This limit increases with the player's level as follows:

Level Number of Bakeries
3 1
6 2
10 3
12 4
17 5


Bakery Level Upgrade Upgrade XP
Medium 8 2,925 Coins 2.0 1,500 XP icon
Large 15 27,750 Coins 2.0 15,000 XP icon


The type of Treats available to bake depends on the size of the bakery. The Small Bakery can only bake Cupcakes, Cookies and Bread. The Medium Bakery can bake Donuts, Ice Cream and Pizza as well, and the Large Bakery can bake all of them.

Baked Goods Cost Time Treats XP Bakery
# Per
50 Coins 2.0 30 secs 5 Food 2.0 25 XP icon Small 10
250 Coins 2.0 5 mins 25 Food 2.0 125 XP icon Small 5
1,000 Coins 2.0 30 mins 100 Food 2.0 500 XP icon Small 3
5,000 Coins 2.0 1 hrs 500 Food 2.0 2,500 XP icon Med. 8
Ice Cream
Ice Cream
15,000 Coins 2.0 3 hrs 1,500 Food 2.0 7,500 XP icon Med. 8
75,000 Coins 2.0 6 hrs 7,500 Food 2.0 37,500 XP icon Med. 21
500,000 Coins 2.0 12 hrs 50,000 Food 2.0 250,000 XP icon Large 69
1,000,000 Coins 2.0 24 hrs 100,000 Food 2.0 500,000 XP icon Large 69
5,000,000 Coins 2.0 48 hrs 500,000 Food 2.0 2,500,000 XP icon Large 174
Big salad
Big Salad
10,000,000 Coins 2.0 48 hrs 750,000 Food 2.0 5,000,000 XP icon Large 260


  • During the week of American Thanksgiving Day 2013 and 2014, the amount of food produced by the Turkey was increased to 200,000 units.
  • All Bakeries, regardless of size, occupy a 3x3 space on the island.
  • For more information about food, see Feeding.
  • Building and upgrading a bakery and producing food with the bakery are goals. One of them is to "Get 5 more large bakeries". This description is misleading because you achieve the goal as soon as you reach a total of at least 5 large bakeries, with at least one bought after the goal appears. You don't have to buy 5 more bakeries after the goal appears.
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