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Just as air is not yet seen yet is clearly felt, so is the Attmoz's influence invisible, yet keenly perceived by all Air Elementals across the Monster World. As the reification of Air itself, this mystical maestro strums sub-spatial sonic strings, summoning all Air-born to join in a stirring, euphonic jam session. Its monocular vision and unibrow notwithstanding. The song of the Attmoz is most assuredly available in stereo.


The Attmoz is a tall, bushy, bipedal monster with pink-purple skin and white fur. Its arms are purple and are speckled with tan spikes. Its forearms, however, are furry and white, akin to the Mammott's, each with three purple fingers. The Attmoz's legs are both purple and two white toenails protrude from each one. Its tail is the color of its torso, and on the end of it is a small, jade-colored jewel. Its head sports two massive horns, one eye, and a big, white bushy beard.

It is the Celestial monster of Air.

Its constellation is called Weathered Winds.


Using its hands, Attmoz imitates the strumming of an electrical guitar. While doing this, it chants "bum, shabadum rabadum rum, shabadum bum, shabadum babadum bum."

When idle, Attmoz shifts its elbows up and down in varying directions like a rockstar.


Attmoz cannot be bred; instead, like all Celestials, it can only be hatched from an egg after its egg reaches the portal in the Daily Login Game. 24 spaces have to be done before the Attmoz can reach its portal. A 31-day time limit appears for all Attmoz to reach the portal.

The Attmoz is available in the Daily Login Game during every December.


Like all Celestials, the Attmoz automatically gets teleported to Starhenge if their species' egg reaches the portal within the time limits.

Name Origin

Attmoz's name is derived from the ancient Greek word ἀτμός (pronounced AH-tmos) which means air. The first few letters of the word "atmosphere" (literally "sphere made of air"), and of several air-related concepts, also come from "atmos".



First ever Celestial promotion

  • One of the Attmoz's names, Cornelius, is the name of a Roman centurion who is considered by Christians to be the first Gentile to convert to the faith, as related in Acts of the Apostles and, perhaps the Gospel according to John.
  • Its bio states that it uses "sub-spatial sonic strings" to make its electric guitar sound. Thus, the Attmoz literally plays the air guitar.
  • When the Attmoz originally arrived, there was a glitch: the Water star chart was displayed. This was fixed as of Dec 5th 2016, with the release of update 1.9.1.

Version 1.9.1 coming notice

  • The Attmoz is first Celestial ever to have a discount. It was discounted by 33% from 12/16/16 to 12/19/16.
  • Its design is a bit similar to Adult Wynq.
  • In the code, Attmoz is called "Airguitar".
  • Although Monsters are canonically genderless, Attmoz has been mistakenly referred to as male on the My Singing Monsters Twitter.

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