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The following article is about something that has been removed from DoF until further notice.
Please only edit this article if you have played DoF while this was included.
Exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

Apple x5 was the first and only variation of a Crafting Item, being a variation of Apple that produced 5 Apples per slot. 5 Apples from the Apple x5 had a market price range of 55 - 91 Coins. It was unlocked at Level 3, the same level as Grain. It was the third unlockable item of the game.

Apple x5 was removed from the game with the introduction of Version 2.0.0.


The appearance of Apple x5 was almost identical to just one Apple, a red apple with a green leaf. However, there's a box in the top-right corner that reads "x5". Appearance-wise, this is the only difference distinguishing Apple and Apple x5, however, the single gameplay difference between the two is that Apple x5 is simply a quintupled version of Apple.


  • Apple x5 was one of the most recent Crafting Items added to the game, added in 1.8.0. The others are Polished Stonyx Crystal and Carved Stonyx Crystal.
    • However Apple x5 is the only removed item in the whole of DoF, being removed in 2.0.0.
  • Unlike just single Apples, Apple x5 only gave 1 Experience instead of 5 Experience.

Apple x5 on Version 2.0.0, stored in a Fruit Tree

  • It is possible to still have usable Apple x5 slots stored in a Fruit Tree leading to Version 2.0.0, but one must add Apple x5 slots prior to Version 2.0.0 and then update in order to reach that state.