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Amber Lollipop is the second Candy Factory Crafting Item and overall 22nd Crafting Item to be unlocked in the game, along with Candy Apple. Its market price is 1,311 - 2,184 Coin25px-DoF. It is unlocked at Level 22.


The Crafting Item Amber Lollipop is a amber-colored lollipop with a piece of bamboo for a lollipop stick. The lollipop candy has got a bug inside it while the bamboo lollipop stick has a leaf on the side.


As an end-product, no Crafting Items require Amber Lollipops. However, Amber Lollipops can be used to feed monsters and fill out Skyship orders, if any of them ask for any.


To craft an Amber Lollipop, 1 Amber (Amber), 1 Bamboo (Bamboo) and 2 Sugars (Sugar) are required to be made and processed in the Candy Factory. Starting crafting of a Amber Lollipop requires dragging the "Amber Lollipop" icon into the Structure once.

Once a Amber Lollipop has been collected from crafting it, it rewards 16 Experience per Amber Lollipop.

Skyship requirements

Amber Lollipop is rather difficult to make, considering that the difficult Amber is required for Amber Lollipops. So the Skyship may ask for 1-2 Amber Lollipops per order, summing up to 3 or 6 per shipment.


Amber Lollipops are difficult to create large quantities of. Amber is not easy to get in the Market, nor is it easy to find Amber Lollipops in the Market for sale. Efficient production of Amber can be done using multiple sendings of quad-element monsters or quint-element monsters, though quad-element monsters are more recommended if you are having a shorter bedtime.

Producing from scratch

The following table shows the list of Crafting Items involved in production of Amber Lollipops. It shows what Structures are required, what Crafting Items are being involved in each Structure, what recipes are required in each Structure, the total Crafting Items required to make the required ingredient Crafting Item(s) from scratch, the crafting time of the Crafting Items, and the total time required to make each ingredient Crafting Item from scratch.

Cumulative time for crafting a single Amber Lollipop is 5 hours, 35 minutes, excluding the time needed to create the Amber.

Ingredient Crafting Item(s) involved Recipe Cumulative
Crafting Time Cumulative
Crafting Item Amber
Amber (x1)
Let a monster explore inside Wondermine temporarily Let a monster explore inside Wondermine temporarily Depends on monster used Depends on monster used
Garden Patch
Garden Patch
Crafting Item Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane (x6)
N/A N/A 5 minutes 1 hour
Crafting Item Sugar
Sugar (x2)
3 Sugar Cane 6 Sugar Cane 15 minutes 1 hour, 30 minutes
Crafting Item Bamboo
Bamboo (x1)
N/A N/A 5 minutes 5 minutes


  • This Crafting Item is the first Crafting Item to require Amber.
  • Before Version 2.0.0, Amber Lollipop costed 1,263 - 2,104Coin25px-DoF, but has been increased due to a change to some of its ingredients.

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