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Acorn Butter is the final Masher Crafting Item and overall 36th Crafting Item in the game, along with Mushroom Pizza. It costs 2903-4838 Coins. It is unlocked in Level 36.


The Crafting Item Acorn Butter is a jar of acorn butter with an acorn cap for a jar lid, acorn stalk included.


Acorn Butter is required to make Nutbar.

Acorn Butter can also be fed directly to monsters, as well as an order in the Skyship.


To craft an Acorn Butter, 1 Acorn (Acorn) must be made or purchased, and processed in the Structure. To start crafting a Acorn Butter, drag the "Acorn Butter" icon into the Structure. It takes 3 hours to complete crafting of one Acorn Butter, down to approximately 2 hours, 4 minutes on a max-level Structure.

Once a Acorn Butter has finished production, it can be collected for 7 Experience.

Skyship requirements

When required in the Skyship, the 3 orders of Acorn Butter will need 1-3 each, making a total of 3, 6, or 9 Acorn Butters.


Acorn Butter is relatively easy to make in terms of what to remember. The only thing to remember is to have a decent flow of Acorns along with a good Masher. It's worth upgrading your Masher to as high of a level as possible to produce as much Acorn Butter as possible to sustain both potential Skyship demands and for the usage in Nutbar production. Additionally, it is worth increasing the number of slots of the Acorn Butter's Masher to 6 or more to match the amounts of Acorns in the Fruit Tree dedicated to them.

Producing from scratch

The following table shows the list of Crafting Items involved in production of Acorn Butters. It shows what Structures are required, what Crafting Items are being involved in each Structure, what recipes are required in each Structure, the total Crafting Items required to make the required ingredient Crafting Item(s) from scratch, the crafting time of the Crafting Items, and the total time required to make each ingredient Crafting Item from scratch.

Total cumulative time for crafting a single Acorn Butter is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Ingredient Crafting Item(s) involved Recipe Cumulative
Crafting Time Cumulative
Fruit Tree.png
Fruit Tree
Crafting Item Acorn.png
Acorn (x1)
N/A N/A 1 hour
30 minutes
1 hour
30 minutes


  • This is the last crafting item to be unlocked in the Masher.
  • Prior to Version 2.0.0, Acorn had a shorter time. As a result of this, Acorn Butter has a price increase. It’s old price was 536 - 893 Coins.
  • Before Version 2.3.0, it was 581 - 968, but the price was increased by 5x since Version 2.3.0.
  • Acorn Butter is the only Masher item that requires a single item, 1x acorn, other Masher items require more than a single item eg. Applesauce requires 2x apples

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